Wärtsilä Denmark gets a new voice

Exclusive interview with Jesper Elsborg Bonde, the new Managing Director of Wärtsilä Denmark effective 1 September 2021


Global leader in smart technologies and complete lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets – Wärtsilä, has appointed Jesper Elsborg Bonde as Managing Director of Wärtsilä Denmark A/S.

Jesper has a strong background from marine and offshore industry before joining Wärtsilä in 2013. Jesper’s educational background is Maritime Officer combined with Executive MBA from 2017.

The last 2 years Jesper has worked with building the future service agreements and commercial models is his current position as Director, Business Innovation – a position which he retains.

“I am very excited by the trust Wärtsilä has invested in me. The role is to assist the Danish customers (energy and marine) in the needed decarbonization transformation. This will create the right technical change for each asset, but we have to remember that it has to be a commercially viable change. New commercial models, focusing on outcome instead of transaction, are needed in this transformation as well”, says Jesper Elsborg Bonde

Tell us how do you see Wärtsilä Denmark changing in two years, and how do you see yourself contributing to that change?

As Wärtsilä Denmark we can be stronger in demonstrating the decarbonization impact we do for the customers. In other words what emissions effect are experienced after a major overhaul or a technical bulletin upgrade. In my second role in Wärtsilä as Director, Business Innovation, are we working on these fronts and I expect synergies between the two roles in this area.

How will you assist in the decarbonization transformation Wärtsilä is going through currently?

There is a lot of focus on future fuels in the maritime industry. I think we need to increase the focus on what we can do today on the decarbonization journey, energy improvements of the existing powertrain, install hybrids or other energy saving devises or trigger behavioral change like route optimization.

Tell us what do you think are the biggest challenges the maritime industry will face in the next 5 years, and how can Wärtsilä contribute to solve this?

The maritime industry has a good momentum on making the technical change needed for decarbonization – but that is not enough. We also need to foster behavioral change on every vessel and every office for this transformation to happen. Wärtsilä has equipment on every second ship in the global merchant fleet and are therefore uniquely positioned to assist our customers with both technical and behavioral change.

What does Wärtsilä do to ensure a young talented workforce in the organization?

In Wärtsilä do we believe in working guided by a purpose. A purpose that we also are confident makes us an interesting place to work: Enabling sustainable societies with smart technology.


On behalf of the MARPRO team, we wish Jesper a lot of success on his new role and congratulate Wärtsilä Denmark with its new force.



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