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Since their inception in the Suez Canal zone back in 1924, they have expanded into a global services provider to the world’s shipping industry. Seizing an early prominent market position based on quality deliverances in the Suez Canal zone, they moved on to the transit hubs Turkish Straits, Panama Canal and Danish Straits.

Striving to stay ahead of the developing market needs, they are investing considerable time and financial resources into improving our services. By going online before most competitors in order to ease their clients’ access to us through user-friendly communication tools, was a milestone in the transit agent industry. Their Internet based, online “Suez Toll calculator” set new standards for cost and time efficient operations some 15 years ago, and was widely used by their clients, ship operators at large as well as by their competitors. Today their clients have the benefit of conducting all their transit related management tasks via their website.

Leth Agencies has always been, and will continue to be, a technology applying frontrunner. Being utterly responsive to their clients’ needs and suggestions, they commit themselves to an “innovate or die strategy.” This pledge is the rapid developing shipping industry’s best guarantee that they always will be capable of rendering their clients’ cutting edge services whenever needed.

Through decades, they have learnt their trade and fine-tuned their services to meet the always-increasing demand for quality required by their clients. The slogan “confidence in local competence” demonstrates the backbone of their success which is in depth local knowledge of all aspects of the agency business.

Learn more: https://lethagencies.com/

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