How was 2021 for you?


It won’t be long before the turkey is roasting in the oven and the presents are being opened on Christmas Day. A couple of days before the big night, we want to use a moment to show appreciation and gratitude to the people in our business and to acknowledge those who have helped us shape MARPRO.

As we approach the end of 2021, we’ve been reflecting on how the year has been a positive rollercoaster to the MARPRO family with the following events:

1. Maritime Star 

MARPRO was selected to be among the 10 finalists to become a Maritime Star 2021. From 44 maritime entrepreneurs, only 10 were selected as finalists. Run by MARLOG, the Maritime Star is one of Denmark’s most ambitious accelerator programs. The program brings the final 5 companies together with leading companies.

Unfortunately, MARPRO was not selected as a Maritime Star winner. However, we were truly honored to be selected, and we wish prosperity and success to the 5 Maritime Stars.

Read more about our experience as a finalist.

2. Breakthrough in the Netherlands

Back in October 2020, MARPRO expanded its business in the Netherlands, opening a branch office in Rotterdam. Being local in the territory, developing strong relations with local business partners and speaking the language really made a difference for MARPRO. It resulted in a tremendous success, as MARPRO had a breakthrough recruiting multiple positions for well-established companies as MSA-Service, Holland Shipyards, HS. Equipment and many more.

Read more about our breakthrough.


3. Re-awakening of the maritime exhibition industry

Throughout the world, COVID-19 has greatly impacted the maritime exhibitions industry. MARPRO had closely monitored the effects of the pandemic on the industry by tracking event cancellations and postponements. However, the market was longing for a physical exhibition, and by always respecting and implementing the necessary measures, we decided to cooperate with Europort.

Europort was the first major global maritime exhibition to be held post-pandemic. MARPRO hosted the Danish Pavilion and on top of this, MARPRO also hosted the Rising Stars pavilion. Europort and MARPRO collaborated to create a new concept dedicated to maritime startups. The whole intention was to provide them a fair chance of displaying their products to a larger audience for a budget friendly participation fee. The demand and popularity were tremendous, hence MARPRO is looking for new opportunities to develop the concept.

Read more about our cooperation with Europort.

4. SS Rotterdam as MARPRO’s office

Due to its cultural-historical value, any ship enthusiast in the Netherlands has heard of ‘La Grande Dame’ aka the ss Rotterdam. In 1956 the 228 meters long ship was made to cross the Atlantic Ocean to America. Since it has experienced five-star cruise journeys to exotic places, being stuck around the world and ending moored as a hotel on the quay in Rotterdam. Nevertheless, the nostalgic and glamorous history of the ship it has become an icon in the shipping world.

However, the ss Rotterdam is not just a hotel but it’s also an excellent venue for dinning, weddings, events or as we use it, as our office. Turning thereby an encounter with our business partners in the Netherlands into an unforgettable experience.

 5. Record in recruitment 

As expected, the COVID-19 pandemic had an overall negative impact on the 2020 and beginning of 2021 job market. But as a modern recruiter, MARPRO is an industry specialist who knows what’s going on in the industry and doesn’t resist change.

2021 was an exciting year for MARPRO. As we focus on the cargo segment in Denmark and the Netherlands, there has been plenty to do. We have doubled our revenue from last year and multiplied our recruitment assignments. We have also outlined some exciting projects for 2022, not only in recruitment but also in promotion and events.

    Our wish list for Santa this year includes further growth for the MARPRO family, but most of all success and prosperity to all our loyal customers, partners, and readers. All this could not be done without you.

    From everyone at MARPRO, we’d like to say may your holidays be blessed, put your feet up and have a well-deserved rest this Christmas.

    Best wishes,

    The MARPRO Family.

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