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MARPRO gets its breakthrough in the Netherlands

MARPRO gets its breakthrough in the Dutch maritime & shipping market. Shipyard Holland Shipyards Group, and companies such as MSA-Service and HS. Equipment have ordered 10 positions to be covered.


Back in October 2020, Danish Maritime Recruiter MARPRO expanded its business in the Netherlands, opening a branch office in the largest port of Europe, in Rotterdam.

Business had been steadily growing for MARPRO, as the market is looking more and more for maritime specialists to assist finding the right shore-based employees.

The managing director of MARPRO, Jakob le Fevre, considered thereby that it was the right time to take this move and establish MARPRO in one of the largest European maritime hubs.

He states: “We believe that we really make a difference by being local in the territory we work in, we participate physically in meetings, we speak the local language and we develop strong relations with local talents and our business partners.”

Acting as the Branch Manager for the Netherlands office is Danny Van Eijk, a familiar face in the Dutch and the international maritime marketplace.

MARPRO engages with strong international players as much as smaller local companies for the searches and employment processes and becomes more than an external HR and consulting partner.

The success has been tremendous, as MARPRO is currently recruiting over 10 positions for MSA-Service, HS. Equipment and Holland Shipyards Group. The orders are a breakthrough for MARPRO and the result of very constructive dialogues with the respective companies, who believe that MARPRO will deliver the best candidate for each position.

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MARPRO is a maritime recruitment and consultancy firm, specialising in the recruitment of talent with shipping and maritime experience and global business Partnermatch.

The company was established in 2013 and has since developed into the recruitment partner of choice for companies and organisations active in the shipping and maritime sector world-wide.

Are you in need of finding the perfect candidate for your position, please contact MARPRO +45 5370 0995.

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