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Introducing COMPACT ASES – The future of maritime security

ASES is the only anti ship entry system capable of effectively protecting ships


Introducing COMPACT ASES – The future of maritime security

In an era where piracy poses a significant threat to maritime operations, the newly developed COMPACT ASES (Automated Shipboard Engagement System) offers a groundbreaking solution, according to . This innovative system, housed within standard ISO containers, is set to transform maritime security and protect ships and their crews from pirate attacks.

Ready for action at any time

COMPACT ASES stays in its transport container, ready for immediate deployment. During regular operations, it remains dormant, but it can be set to half load during the night or while traversing high-risk waters. In the event of a pirate attack, the system can be fully activated from the bridge, swiftly transitioning into a robust defense mechanism.

Robust defensive mechanism

Upon activation, COMPACT ASES springs into action. Steel gates open to reveal the system’s defensive components. The crane boom, equipped with rotor heads, pivots into position, and the sprocket wheels rotate at high speeds, creating a formidable barrier around the ship. This high-speed rotation generates a dynamic defense, forming a rotating wall of chains that deflects projectiles and creates an opaque water barrier, impairing visibility for attackers and reducing the likelihood of successful attacks.

Psychological and physical deterrence

The sight of a ship enveloped in a rotating chain and water barrier is likely to deter pirates, adding a psychological layer of defense. This system not only complicates aiming and firing for attackers but also serves as a powerful visual deterrent.

Cost-effective and versatile deployment

One of the key advantages of COMPACT ASES is its versatility. Mounted in standard ISO containers, the system can be easily transferred between ships as needed. This allows shipping companies to equip vessels only when necessary, reducing costs and optimizing resource use. The potential for an ASES-Rent model means shipping companies can rent the containers for specific voyages, further enhancing cost-efficiency.

Operational efficiency and safety

Powered by a standardized diesel engine, COMPACT ASES can operate for about 100 hours on a full tank. Fully automated, the system ensures high security and user-friendliness. Modern vibration absorber technology protects both the ASES unit and adjacent containers, while an active surge baffle system maintains the crane boom’s stability.

A new era in maritime security

COMPACT ASES represents a significant advancement in maritime security technology. Its combination of physical defenses, psychological deterrence, and operational efficiency offers a comprehensive solution to piracy threats. As the shipping industry embraces this cutting-edge technology, we can look forward to a safer and more secure future on the high seas.

For the maritime community, the adoption of COMPACT ASES could mark the end of costly international security missions and the reliance on private security firms. This system stands as a beacon of hope for safer seas and a more secure shipping industry.

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Narjiss Ghajour

Editor-in-Chief of Maritime Professionals
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