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Rising Star of the week: ReFlow

MARPRO is presenting the Rising Star of the week series, dedicated to promising maritime start-ups, which are going to exhibit at the Rising Stars Pavilion in EUROPORT 2021.


A new concept is coming to life at EUROPORT 2021, the Rising Stars Pavilion powered by MARPRO. An area fully dedicated for promising maritime start-ups and next-gen innovators, where they can demonstrate how they contribute to a smarter, cleaner or/safer maritime future.

EUROPORT’s and MARPRO’s intention is to provide small start-ups a fair chance of showing their products and services to a large audience like EUROPORT is, for a budget friendly participation fee.

Company profile: ReFlow

ReFlow is a Danish company who helps you on the road towards net-zero emissions enabling you to calculate, share, and document your product’s environmental sustainability across the entire value chain.

What is the idea behind Reflow, its services?
ReFlow is an award winning startup focused on helping companies easily quantify the environmental impact of their products and processes and share the data. With a focus on decarbonization, ReFlow specializes in targeting CO2 emission reductions through the optimization of product efficiency. With the launch of the ReFlow Platform, companies can calculate the effect different aspects of their products or components have on the environment. Post calculation, the products most impactful emissions are available and made transparent through documentation that verifies the proof of assessment. Through this platform, companies
can tailor variables and characteristics of their products to produce a more sustainable product utilizing a streamlined step-by-step process while easing the burden of achieving net-zero emissions. This makes decarbonization and emission reductions through product adjustments easy, and shareable throughout the industry, and helps give companies a competitive advantage in their green transition.

How does ReFlow create and provide value to maritime stakeholders?
The first of its kind, ReFlow is undertaking the challenge of helping maritime companies on their journey to meeting environmental sustainability goals and regulations as defined by the United Nations and European Union. The ability to provide companies the capability to identify possible emissions and cost reductions related to product creation and dispersal throughout the value chain sets ReFlow apart from the rest. This can help companies reduce liabilities, emissions, air contaminants, and waste by accounting for scope 1, 2, & 3 emissions. An accurate life cycle assessment not only saves company time, but also money in the realm of disposal, energy consumption, repair, and replacement costs which slingshots companies into gaining competitive advantage over others within the industry through improved efficiency.

How can ReFlow contribute to a smarter maritime future?
Not only does ReFlow provide a platform where maritime companies can calculate their product emissions but ReFlow utilizes a life cycle analysis within this process to account for scope 3 emissions, which are often unaccounted for. ReFlow values accountability for emissions throughout the entire cradle-to-grave cycle making this technology smarter and a more responsible choice on the road to sustainable futures.

How can ReFlow contribute to a cleaner or safer maritime future?
By making the complex environmental quantification of shipping components possible and easy, Reflow aims to ensure a cleaner and safer future within maritime by making transparency and sustainable product documentation across the entire value chain a reality. Through accurate quantification, comparison, reductions, and sharing of emissions and product data, companies can develop into more accountable entities making them competitive options early on in the green transition.

Where has ReFlow been, and where is ReFlow going?
Currently, ReFlow has helped customers document environmental savings for more than 500,000 tons of CO2e emissions and this amount is expected to double next year, and in the years to come. ReFlow is also the first start up to propose a new ISO standard and have it approved which will have the potential to reduce emissions within maritime by 10%. As the maritime industry currently relies heavily on non-renewable materials and unsustainable practices, ReFlow aims to continue to push the industry to engage in more responsible consumption and production and help companies meet EU net-zero emissions targets by 2050.

Want to get help to on the road towards net-zero emissions?

Call: +45 3274 5300
Write to us: 
Come and checkout the live platform at the Europort Exhibition 2021
Ready to calculate emissions reductions at booth 4223


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