Rising Star of the week: Diize

MARPRO is presenting the Rising Star of the week series, dedicated to promising maritime start-ups, which are going to exhibit at the Rising Stars Pavilion in EUROPORT 2021.


A new concept is coming to life at EUROPORT 2021, the Rising Stars Pavilion powered by MARPRO. An area fully dedicated for promising maritime start-ups and next-gen innovators, where they can demonstrate how they contribute to a smarter, cleaner or/safer maritime future.

EUROPORT’s and MARPRO’s intention is to provide small start-ups a fair chance of showing their products and services to a large audience like EUROPORT is, for a budget friendly participation fee.

Company profile: diize

Diize is a Dutch company who make processes on board and on shore more efficient for ship owners and charterers.

What is the idea behind diize and its services?

Started with the mission to optimize and digitize the port agency processes of the leading port agent in North-West Europe, diize nowadays focuses on adding value to processes of stakeholders in the port call process of a vessel.  Our long history of being port agents helps us to connect the dots to make processes on shore and on board more efficient, smarter and, especially, attuned to each other.

We believe that we can make the maritime industry better without losing its characteristic features of personal relationships and deep knowledge of processes that industry experts have been carrying with them for years. In 2020, diize launched its first SaaS solution called Always on Board.

How can diize contribute to a smarter maritime future?

As mentioned above, our strategy is different from the existing innovative software solution providers related to this topic. After interviewing Captains and other stakeholders within the industry we noticed that onshore efficiency is leading to onboard in-efficiency. Therefore, we are approaching processes in the maritime industry from the vessel’s perspective, where we put the vessel back in the centre of the solution instead of shore-based parties. Our solution enables captains to provide all the requested data to the different shore-based entities without entering data twice or making mistakes.

By connecting the vessel with all local (port) initiatives we strive for efficiency on the global maritime ecosystem level, which contributes to a smarter maritime future.

How can diize contribute to a cleaner and safer maritime future?

Our solution Always on Board structures and simplifies this administrative burden, reusing data in a smart way and preventing a captain from submitting forms that are not correct or complete.
All these smart features have led to a time reduction of more than 85% and an error output reduced to almost 0%.  With Always on Board the captain can now focus on what really matters on board. Safe navigation and crew welfare.

Where is diize in five years from now?

Within 5 years diize will be the Global Platform that connects the vessel with all parties (i.e. service providers, terminals, surveyors etc) who are involved in the port call process of a vessel. Multiple specific products related to the interaction with the vessel will be introduced to all relevant stakeholders in ports globally.

How is diize organized, and who are the key people?

Presently diize consists of 7 employees. Focussing on two main processes “Product Development / Customer Success”  and “Sales”.

The team has a long experience in shipping and logistics with a main focus on port agency business. Having a heritage in this business makes this relatively young team an ideal cocktail combining the energy of a startup and the power of all required relevant industry knowledge.

Want to make processes on board and on shore more efficient?

Visit: Call: +31 10 294 2100
Send an email to:
Meet us at the Europort 2021 exhibition. We are at HALL 4, Rising Stars Pavilion, boot nr. 4221.


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