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Real-life sustainability: Danish company achieves approval for turbocharger remanufacturing processes and repair procedures

PJ Diesel Engineering A/S, who offers remanufacturing of turbochargers and components, have been accredited by the Italian classification society RINA.


With the recognition of the Danish company, RINA send a clear message to the world that sustainability is the way forward.

“The trust in us that RINA demonstrate with their approval of us as a circular economy supplier makes us really honored. For more than 40 years we have been in the business of sustainable maintenance working towards improving our procedures and meeting the high-quality expectations in this industry. Being recognized and receiving an official approval today is making me feel proud” tells Anne-Mette Elsborg, founder and CEO of PJ Diesel Engineering A/S.

Huge environmental savings

Remanufacturing, reconditioning, LCA, SDG, ESG, IMPA ACT, circular economy – the list of green concepts is long. But at PJ Diesel they have been working with circular solutions right from the beginning in 1979 – in 1979 their core competencies were “service and remanufacturing of critical engine components”, and it still is. In close cooperation with manufacturing companies such as Kompressoren Bau Bannewitz (KBB), Mitsubishi MET and Woodward the focus over the years has been to create a significant gain for the shipping companies, not only from a financial perspective but also from an environmental perspective.

“During the qualifications process we have been working on quantifying the environmental saving from our circular solutions as well. The numbers show savings of up to 92% – savings that the shipping companies will benefit from when choosing circular solutions” says Anne-Mette Elsborg, CEO, PJ Diesel Engineering A/S

The future looks bright and green

The pursuit to have a positive impact on society and to build sustainable solutions for future generations is a vison that the Italian classification society and PJ Diesel Engineering A/S share.

“A repair procedures approval is a difficult and thorough process that requires a complete audit and evaluation of all internal workflows and procedures. As a company you need to be persistent when it comes to ‘making the impossible possible’ if you truly want to enable sustainable solutions for future generations. When we grant approvals, we are just as happy as the company receiving the approval” says Dario Vincenzo Barbaro from RINA.

The approval is valid for 5 years and requires re-approval. PJ Diesel Engineering A/S expect an increase in demand as a result of the approval from RINA.

About PJ Diesel Engineering A/S

PJ Diesel Engineering A/S was founded in 1979 in Denmark by CEO Mrs. Anne-Mette Elsborg and Mr. Peter Jensen with the purpose of offering remanufacturing of engine components. Today, the company has evolved into Northern Europe’s leading partner for repair and reconditioning of key components for large diesel engines and turbines. The company’s operating principle is the same today as when it was founded – reuse, reduce and recycle.

For more information:

For more information or questions, please contact: Vice President Mikkel Elsborg, phone +45 39 13 12 91 /e-mail

Find more information about the company at and about RINA at

Anne-Mette Elsborg, founder and CEO of PJ Diesel Engineering A/S and Dario Vincenzo Barbaro, Director at RINA at the Annual October Festival at PJ Diesel Engineering at Skudehavnsvej.


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