Rising Stars Pavilion on fire

We have all been waiting for the 40th anniversary of the Europort exhibition, and finally the Europort week has arrived.


One of the largest maritime exhibitions kicked off this past Tuesday at the Rotterdam Ahoy, opening its doors to 800 companies coming from 40 different countries.

Showing the path to a sustainable maritime future is one of Europort’s primary ambitions. And the latest project at the Europort is the Rising Stars Pavilion living up to that ambition.

In a collaboration with Europort, MARPRO has found 15 strong and innovative Rising Stars which are paving the direction the maritime industry is undergoing and showing how their solutions are helping in the maritime transition.

Being finally present at the exhibition and being able to meet up face to face, we feel it’s time to celebrate the Rising Stars’ achievements, share their stories and mingle together. You are thereby invited to come join us for a drinks get together.

WHEN: Wednesday, 4th November 2021
WHERE: Rising Stars Pavilion, Hall 4.

P.S. Your presence is all that’s needed to make this get together a memorable one.


Narjiss Ghajour

Editor-in-Chief of Maritime Professionals

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