New international shipping education

New courses for trainees at Danish Shipping Academy’s two-year education are on their way. The upgrade of the education will benefit young people best possible in their meeting with Blue Denmark.


When a new class of trainees starts in September, the schedule will among other things include new courses.

Danish Shipping Academy has upgraded its two-year education to make it more up to date. The aim is to prepare even better the young trainees from shipping companies, bunker companies, and other shipping related companies for an exciting future in Blue Denmark.

The education will change its name to Danish Shipping Education and as something new, all courses will focus more on innovation, sustainability, and future perspectives. Here trainees can specialize and eventually obtain the title as charterer, operator or bunker trader depending on their traineeship.

At Danish Shipping Academy the hope is that the trainees will benefit greatly from the new initiatives.

“Right now, things are moving fast in shipping. Future shipping employees must have knowledge of everything from sustainability, alternative fuels and multi modal transport and that’s why we adjust our education. It’s important to give our trainees the best possible conditions to understand the world they will soon be entering,” says Anne Panknin Kristensen Head of Education at Danish Shipping.

The new adjustments mean that trainees can look forward to new courses such as “Energy and Fuel” on fuel bunkering and “Logistics and Supply Chain Management” on supply chains between ships and shore-based companies.

Promotion of network

Previously, all trainees had to complete a six months case study where they on their own completed an assignment. It has been replaced by class sessions to strengthen networking opportunities.

“We have prioritized the face to face contact to give the trainees the opportunity of sparring and learning from interaction with others instead of working alone on an assignment “, says Anne Panknin Kristensen.

In the long term, Danish Shipping Academy would like to have the education approved in line with other international programs. A job that hopefully will be done before the start of term in September.

“It’s very important for us to be able to help our trainees in their continuous career development. If one of them is e.g. posted in Singapore and would like to develop her/his career within another shipping company, the trainee must be able to compare the diploma from us with other educations,” says Anne Panknin Kristensen.

This article is shared by courtesy of Danish Shipping. You can read more about the Danish Shipping Education here.

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