SAFETALK – a new tool to boost the safety culture

With SAFETALK's maritime edition, shipping companies, technical management firms, HSEQ departments and ship's crews now have the tool to take their safety culture to an even higher level. The safety game combines many years of maritime HSE practice - with lot of elements from Safety II, Safety Differently and nudging methods.


The team behind SAFETALK explains:

“After establishing the ISM code, the maritime sector has reduced accidents significantly over the years by focusing on technical solutions, establishing a SMS system and drawn up procedures to raise the level of safety on board. “

“But despite legislation, safety management systems and a commitment from both management and employees, shipping companies have experienced an accident curve that has flattened and no longer experience that it is possible to do much more to create a safer workplace with the tools they have. “

“We believe that safety always will be a common concern and something you create in unison and more than what can be put in a piece of paper, a statement of intent, or in a management system.”

“Over the years, there has been a paradigm shift in the way leaders as well as employees, collaborate and learn. With respect for risk assessments, safety rounds, safety meetings and e-learning programs, it has been our experience, that these methods need to be supplemented with processes that contribute to giving effect to collaboration, ownership, motivation and commitment.”

“We know from experience, that it can be difficult to engage everyone in a good safety dialogue even with the best efforts.”

“We believe that crewmembers handling their own work, also know the challenges they face and have ideas about how to resolve them. This is where SAFETALK is ideal, because it is those facing the challenges and successes, who engage in the dialogues about what works well and what can be improved.”

“SAFETALK is useful in creating new energy in the safety discussions. Focus on understanding the intentions, terms, and opportunities for action.”

“The safety game can be considered as a gap analysis of how the work is actually done – and the way you might think the work is done. The shadowland between procedures and the way you see the work being done on a normal day.”

“We know from experience, that it can be difficult to engage everyone in a good safety dialogue even with the best efforts. Our focus has been on developing a tool that is close to everyday work and use the framework of the game to unlock the potential and experience from seafarers and get a good and fruitful dialogue about safety. “

In the maritime version the focus is on the special working conditions on board a ship. We dive into topics such as:

  • High risks related to mooring operations, handling lifeboats/davits, entering enclosed spaces and slips/trips & falls
  • “Work as done” versus “Work as Imagined” issues.
  • Intervention, complacency and reporting of near-miss and other safety issues.
  • Training, leadership, communication, and multicultural differences.
  • How new crew members are onboarded in the safety culture on board.

Some of the feedback from seafarers that have already used SAFETALK with success.

It will enhance the crew to engage, coordinate and be openminded to their co-workers. This can be a good tool to improve the crew’s soft skills (…) It will motivate the crew to be more pro-active in all aspects.” – Master

To be honest this activity will really help, unlike other tools we tried. It’s my personal opinion. This has no multiple choice, so the answer is in your own personal perspective and the crew can give their ideas.” – Chief cook

It is not easy to engage in the discussion with the different ideas, but by applying this SAFETALK dialogue, it can create a proper discussion on both parties how to handle a safety/job.” – Engineer

I was first curious of course what it’s all about? But along the game it was motivating, engaging and educational. It was good that everyone could be heard.” – 2nd Officer

This article is shared by courtesy of SAFETALK. The new safety game that focuses on your safety culture and helps strengthen collaboration between employees.


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