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No turning back

New BIMCO film puts spotlight on transparency and decarbonisation


On November 8th, BIMCO launched a new film, “No Turning Back”, the third in a series of films aimed at raising awareness about the shipping industry.

As pressure on industries, governments, and companies to decarbonise increases, so does the need for the shipping industry to inform the public and decision makers and increase transparency about the industry’s efforts to decarbonise.

The shipping industry is estimated to be responsible for around 3% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions and while the industry is making progress in finding sustainable solutions – from alternative fuels that limit CO2 emissions to new and improved ships – the work, research and development must be accelerated.

“About 90% of world trade is transported by ship. We have a tremendous responsibility when it comes to contributing to making global trade greener,” says BIMCO’s President, Sabrina Chao.

In the process, the industry must contribute by exploring all possible strategies and look at alternative solutions when approaching energy transition. At the same time, the industry will need the support from global regulation to ensure a level playing field.

“The shipping industry is facing one of the biggest energy transitions of all times and while the transformation cannot happen overnight, we must focus on industries working closely together to find the large scale, long-term solutions needed to decarbonise,” says BIMCO’s Secretary General and CEO, David Loosley.

“No Turning Back” is not branded a “BIMCO film” and serves as a tool to help raise awareness, educate, and increase visibility of the industry’s work towards decarbonisation.

The shipping industry is estimated to be responsible for around 3% of annual greenhouse gas emissions. Work towards decarbonisation is underway and the challenge is immense. Finding solutions – from fuels to technology – to facilitate one of the biggest transitions ever faced by the maritime industry must be a priority. There is lots being done and there is still so much more to do. There is no turning back.


These video and article are shared by courtesy of BIMCO, the world’s largest direct-membership organisation for shipowners, charterers, shipbrokers and agents.


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