New virtual platform represents Danish maritime suppliers during SMM Digital 2021

To ensure the best possible representation of suppliers, Danish Export Association presents their national Pavilion of Denmark in a virtual edition for SMM Digital 2021 – “Virtual Pavilion of Denmark”. Virtual export promotions combine the best from the physical and the digital world and create a unique opportunity to reach customers cost-effectively, fast, focused and globally.


A lot of thought, work and time has been put into the Virtual Pavilion of Denmark prior to its launch. Mie Jakobsen, Head of Marine and Cruise & Ferry at Danish Export Association, states that “it is pivotal for us to ensure professional, efficient and high-quality digital presence. The only way to make sure that we can live up to this is to do it ourselves. With “Virtual Pavilion of Denmark”, we have taken one of our core competencies – representing suppliers on trade fair shows – from the physical world to a digital platform. This has required an enormous effort and we are extremely proud to now offer a top-tier platform that enables suppliers and customers to achieve business relations, goals and development when physical trade fairs are not an option.”

Great outcomes for exhibitors as well as visitors at Pavilion of Denmark
Digital Pavilion of Denmark enables the exhibiting companies to represent themselves with different types of business presentations and visuals, videos, brochures, etc. Furthermore, exhibiting companies will be participating live during the event, and with chat- and video call features integrated in the platform, exhibiting companies can interact live with either one or more visitors. Also, keynote speakers from the industry will speak at Virtual Pavilion of Denmark. All materials presented at the event will be available on-demand for 30 days after the event has ended. Pavilion of Denmark is open to all and can be accessed for free.

For visitors interested in the high-quality and well-renowned products and services that Danish suppliers are well-known for providing, Virtual Pavilion of Denmark is the place to be during SMM Digital 2021.

High expectations to Virtual Pavilion of Denmark
Launching a digital project of this scale requires a great effort. The speed at which digitalisation develops, especially during the pandemic, leaves some companies insecure and reluctant. However, thanks to a very close and trustful relationship with Danish suppliers, Danish Export Association is happy to announce that so far, more than 30 leading Danish maritime suppliers have signed up as exhibitors at Virtual Pavilion of Denmark.

Danish Export Association takes this vote of confidence very seriously and is eager for the exhibitors and visitors to see Virtual Pavilion of Denmark in action in February: “With Virtual Pavilion of Denmark, our main focus is to enable suppliers and customers, to meet virtually, to interact and to network. . Instead of trying to directly replicate the physical trade fairs to a digital version, we have carefully selected the best fit elements from the physical trade fairs and converted them into suitable and efficient solutions for the digital platform. Most importantly, we feel confident that Digital Virtual Pavilion of Denmark enables great benefits and outcomes for customers as well as suppliers: networking, new contracts, and inspiration for business development,” Mie Jakobsen says.

Visitors can sign up for free here.

The project is co-financed by The Trade Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark.

Exhibitor companies and suppliers still have time to sign up by contacting Mie Jakobsen, Head of Marine and Cruise & Ferry, +45 2173 6336, 

This article is published by courtesy of Danish Export Association.

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