Nearshore a Rising Star at Europort 2023

Empowering Maritime Communications: A Deep Dive into NEARSHORE


Born from a vision of forward-thinking innovation, NEARSHORE is committed to placing clients at the heart of its journey. We champion tailor-made maritime communication solutions that positively impact businesses, propelling them forward. Always near, no matter how offshore our client is.

Creating Value for Maritime Stakeholders

At the heart of NEARSHORE’s ethos is a commitment to the relentless evolution of technology. Being a start-up gives us the natural flexibility to adapt, innovate, and swiftly pivot to new methodologies for the benefit of our clients. This position allows us to try new approaches without the constraints that larger entities might face.

The firm constantly introduces revolutionary maritime communications products and solutions to its current and potential clientele. Pioneering in its approach, many products that have now become industry staples first saw the light of day at NEARSHORE. This agility in identifying, testing, and launching innovative technology underscores its industry recognition. The combination of start-up agility and relentless focus on technology means that with NEARSHORE, clients are always at the forefront of maritime communication advancements.

Tackling Maritime Communication Challenges

In a market where most providers offer similar solutions, NEARSHORE differentiates itself with two critical components: “Proximity” and “Innovation.” Our motto, “We are always near our clients,” is more than just words—it’s our ethos. This proximity enables us to support, collaborate, and innovate alongside our partners, ensuring they always have cutting-edge solutions tailored to their needs. Further amplifying this commitment is our elite team of globally stationed engineers, whose expertise and dedication bring unparalleled service quality to every job.

Standing Apart in a Sea of Competitors
True customization isn’t merely about tailoring a product but understanding each client’s unique needs, challenges, and aspirations. For NEARSHORE, proximity is more than geographical closeness; it’s about being in sync with clients, ensuring that the solutions offered are genuinely bespoke.

Success Stories that Chart Our Course
Year after year, we have witnessed growth, not just in terms of new clients but also deepening relationships with existing ones. When an existing client entrusts us with more vessels and projects, it’s not just business expansion; it’s a validation of trust, a testament to the solid partnership they perceive with NEARSHORE.

We proudly wear the badge of a ‘true partner,’ always going the extra nautical mile for our clients.

Sailing Towards the Future
At NEARSHORE, the horizon is clear: Innovation and customization. We envision a future where our clients experience zero wastage, receive solutions tailored to their specific needs, and ensure their maritime communications are as fluid and reliable as the seas they navigate.

Our Global Solutions: A Comprehensive Overview
NEARSHORE prides itself on offering an expansive range of global communication solutions. Our offerings encompass all satellite communications across all orbits, multi-provider 5G worldwide, robust terrestrial backhaul, and comprehensive remote network monitoring. NEARSHORE ensures rapid response with on-site field engineering tech dispatch whenever and wherever needed.

About NEARSHORE (NearshoreNetworks)

NEARSHORE (NearshoreNetworks) is a Houston global maritime communications company with office in The Netherlands serving customers worldwide, providing Satellite and Cellular networks and hardware and software solutions. NearshoreNetworks maintains a service team of over 80 Field Engineers strategically located in 60 countries. These resources and capabilities underpin a Service Level commitment of a 99.5% network uptime guarantee.

NEARSHORE is located in Paardeweide 3E, 4824 EH Breda

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