Expanding the MARPRO services

At MARPRO we care about you! We want nothing more for you than to succeed in your life and your career! We are therefore expanding our services to better meet your needs. We want to provide focused support where it is needed and in the most appropriate manner. Thus, we designed 3 efficient coaching packages to help you achieve your career and personal goals.


Meet Tineke Zoet, our qualified Maritime Career and Life Coach certified as a Transformational Coach, who helps professionals within the maritime industry, at sea and onshore. But what can Tineke help you exactly with?

  • To achieve your career goals
  • To overcome personal challenges and anxieties
  • To increase self-confidence
  • To navigate toxic work environments
  • To build a positive relationship within the maritime work environment

Originally educated as a Maritime Officer and Engineer with a B.Sc. and a BMO degree, Tineke spent several years at sea, before returning and involving in many other facets of the industry. Moving from her home country The Netherlands to Scotland in 2009, she obtained her MPhil degree in Maritime Human Factors working for the University of Strathclyde where she got involved with a variety of EU Projects with the main aim to mitigate human error at sea.

In Glasgow she also started working for a ship management company as a Training Development Specialist and Project Leader for the company’s e-learning content, covering topics from Resilience, Working Effectively Across Culture, Diversity and Inclusion at Sea and Introduction to Shipping, and many more, teaching thousands of seafarers from all over the world. Now a Maritime Career and Life Coach her passion is to help maritime professionals navigate through toxic work environments to overcome self-doubt and anxiety.

“Working in a male-dominated multicultural industry for over 20 years has taught me a lot about human interaction and the challenges these interactions sometimes can bring.” Tineke Zoet

Tineke states: “Working in a male-dominated multicultural industry for over 20 years has taught me a lot about human interaction and the challenges these interactions sometimes can bring. Always feeling like an outsider and having difficulties finding my ‘tribe’, I experienced bullying and it damaged my self-esteem, even though I have my professional experience, degrees, and a great career to prove my worth.”

She continues: “My situation is not unique, and I know it resonates with a lot of professionals at all levels. They, like myself, feel outsiders not fitting in our career and cultural made role models. Whilst these personal traits can often be the basis of the success of highly successful people, they can also have the opposite effect causing anxiety, loneliness, insecurity forming the basis of the Imposter Syndrome.”  

“I am extremely excited and look forward to working with MARPRO. I truly love their level of professionality and how they are spread out over the entire globe, but most of all the values they work by. I would like to thank MARPRO for their warm welcome, and I feel honored to have become part of their team.”

Call us at +45 5370 0995 or send us an email via the contact form to learn how you can benefit from professional coaching.

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