Drones in Hamburg Port

A management system is now to be developed in Hamburg for drone traffic in airspace – known as U-Space. HHLA is also on board with the project.


The BLU-Space project designates Hamburg as a “Europe-wide pioneer” for safe urban drone traffic. The first EU-wide test airspace for drone management will be created here, linking air traffic data with various sources under real conditions.

Partners include the city, Hamburg Aviation, Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, HHLA Sky, Hamburg Port Authority AöR, and Karl Koerschulte GmbH. HHLA Sky, a subsidiary of HHLA, will provide drone technology for operators and management.

Funded by the federal mFUND program, the project has €3.9 million until mid-2026, relying on collaboration among participants.

Senator Melanie Leonhard highlights Hamburg’s pioneering role and suitability due to its complex infrastructure. Transport Minister Volker Wissing notes the project’s contribution to safe, economical air mobility and its potential competitive advantage for Germany’s drone economy.

U-Space airspaces enable automatic, beyond-visual-range drone flights controlled by pilots in a control center, ensuring secure coordination and communication of position data.

Key benefits include:

  • Reducing ground transportation burden
  • Increasing logistics efficiency
  • Improving emergency response
  • Efficient environmental data collection
  • Monitoring critical infrastructure
  • Enhancing disaster prevention and civil security

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