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5 reasons to register your profile

Are you a maritime professional looking for your next professional adventure? Do you have experience or an education related to the maritime industry? Are you looking for a position in a well-established company related to the maritime sector? Then join us at the Maritime Professionals job market and candidate database.


The door to your next workplace is open  has launched  a new feature specific to job search, allowing all maritime professionals the opportunity to register as a candidate in our portal. Creating a Maritime Professionals candidate’s profile enables the possibility of  maritime professionals to follow relevant employers, to setup job alerts and receive notifications by email when relevant job ads is posted, apply to jobs and even displaying the profile with contact information to the public – if the candidate is actively looking for a job.

See the public candidate list:

Candidate registration process

The candidate registration option is for free and easy to implement. Follow these steps for a candidate registration process at Maritime Professionals:

  1. You can register your details and create an account HERE.
  2. Fill out the rest of the details under “My profile” to complete your profile. Remember to save by clicking at the bottom of the page.
  3. Write a cover letter and add your skills under “My Resume”.
  4. Upload up to 5 CVs under the “CV Manager”.
  5. Now you can start to apply for jobs and to follow companies. Once a position is posted you will be the first to hear about new jobs, where you can store your favourites and apply.






As a job seeker your online presence is crucial to land your next opportunity, especially being present in a targeted platform as Maritime Professionals. However, in order to maximize your opportunities, you need to formulate a comprehensive and compelling resume, write engaging relevant cover letters and create an elevator pitch CV that leaves a positive impression to future employers.

5 Reasons to register:

  • Be visible and get screened by relevant companies.
  • Be the first to get notice about a relevant job posting.
  • Market your CV and career to the relevant people.
  • Get directly contacted if your profile is interesting.
  • Follow relevant companies

Register today HERE.


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