Stena Line targets gen Z with TikTok

The shipping company Stena Line is making waves on TikTok with a new campaign aimed at Generation Z. Through creative and engaging content, the campaign seeks to connect with the younger Swedish and Danish generations of potential travelers.


Like many other companies, Stena Line faces the challenge of reaching a younger audience. The company, which operates routes including Gothenburg to Frederikshavn, has a large and loyal customer base among travelers aged 40-57 and has reported increasing booking numbers from both the Swedish and Danish sides of the Kattegat in recent years. However, the numbers are quite different when it comes to younger travelers, a demographic that Stena Line is now actively targeting for the first time.

With the campaign, Stena Line aims to raise awareness of Denmark and Sweden as travel destinations and foster a sense of unity and community across the strait among the 18+ age group. This group has used TikTok far more than other social media platforms since 2020. Currently, 24% of Danes aged 15-29 and a full 50% of the Swedish population aged 16-25 use TikTok. Additionally, Generation Z, the primary target of Stena Line’s new campaign, spends an average of 57 minutes daily scrolling through videos on the global platform.

“With this campaign, we are taking an important step to meet our future travelers where they are most active. TikTok provides us with a unique opportunity to communicate directly with Generation Z in a way that is both authentic and engaging. We want to show them that Sweden and Denmark have countless experiences to offer, and by highlighting both cultural differences and similarities between our two countries, we hope to create a sense of unity that inspires young people to explore the neighboring country,” says Ulf Staff, Travel Commercial Manager at Stena Line.

A Swede and a Dane boarded a ferry

Stena Line has long had extensive collaborations with influencers, making the campaign on the new platform, TikTok, a natural next step in the company’s marketing strategy towards tomorrow’s travelers. To capture the interest of young adults, Stena Line has teamed up with two well-known influencers, Swedish Anton Lindström and Danish Silas Thorup. This spring, the two influencers took turns visiting each other’s home countries and cities to explore favorite restaurants, hidden gems, and favorite spots, all while documenting their encounters with the other culture to inspire other young adults looking for a new destination to explore in their vicinity.

“We are very excited about this major initiative because we believe that the collaboration with Anton Lindström and Silas Thorup will help us create a deeper connection with the younger generation. The challenge of reaching this audience is something many companies face, and we look forward to seeing the results of the campaign. We hope that the success will allow us to continue the campaign into the fall and further strengthen the unity between Sweden and Denmark. By showcasing cultural differences and similarities, we hope to inspire young adults to explore and experience our neighboring countries in a new and exciting way,” says Ulf Staff.

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Narjiss Ghajour

Editor-in-Chief of Maritime Professionals
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