Rovigos a Rising Star at Europort 2023

Come and explore the newest advancements in the maritime industry during the Europort exhibition in Rotterdam from November 7th to 10th, 2023. Be a part of the second edition of the Rising Stars Pavilion, organized by the MARPRO Group, showcasing 21 innovative maritime start-up companies from across the globe. Among the Rising Stars of 2023, we are proud of presenting Rovigos, a Korean start-up offering a distinctive solution to a crucial issue. For an in-depth look at Rovigos and their groundbreaking approach, don't miss this exclusive interview.


Introducing Rovigos Inc.

In the cutting-edge realm of cloud-based artificial intelligence, Rovigos Inc. emerges as a dynamic startup dedicated to developing smart logistics solutions into the era of logistics 4.0. With a keen focus on optimizing performance and enhancing productivity, their team diligently examines data from diverse sources, crafting bespoke AI solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

Embracing the spirit of the 4th Industrial Revolution and ESG management, Rovigos Inc. revolutionizes ship operations through the implementation of AI and automation, while leveraging big data and AI-driven analysis to enhance maritime logistics. Their paramount mission revolves around helping enterprises reduce costs and streamline operations by leveraging advanced AI solutions. By harnessing the power of automation and data-driven decision-making, they empower their clients to stay ahead in the competitive market.

In this interview, we delve into the solution crafted by Rovigos Inc. and explore the distinctive value propositions that set them apart from their competitors. Join us as we uncover the fascinating details!

  1. What is the idea behind your start-up?

Rovigos focuses on revolutionizing maritime logistics and supply chains through the utilization of technology, data, and innovation. We optimize ship operations with AI and automation, enhance maritime logistics with big data and AI-driven analysis, and improve international trade with blockchain technology. Our goal is to create a more efficient and sustainable maritime logistics system.

2. Could you describe the core products or services your start-up offers to the maritime industry?

Our start-up offers a maritime container control solution that provides real-time tracking, intelligent allocation, security measures, and enhanced collaboration for efficient container transportation in the maritime industry.

3. What is your start-up’s mission and vision in the maritime industry?

Our start-up’s mission is to optimize maritime supply chains through innovative control solutions, while our vision is to become a leading provider that enhances efficiency and collaboration within the industry, driving growth and resilience in maritime logistics.

4. How does your start-up create and provide value to your maritime stakeholders?

Our maritime control solution creates value for stakeholders by improving efficiency, visibility, security, collaboration, and sustainability in their operations.

5. How does your company differentiate itself from competitors in the maritime industry?

Our start-up addresses the specific problem of carbon emissions and environmental impact in the maritime industry. Our maritime control solution provides CO2 tracking, real-time control systems, and temperature regulation for refrigerated containers. We offer stakeholders the ability to monitor and manage their carbon footprint while ensuring optimal temperature control for perishable goods. By combining emissions reduction and temperature management, we provide a comprehensive solution that promotes sustainability and quality in maritime logistics.

6. How can your start-up contribute to a cleaner and/ or safer maritime future?

Our start-up contributes to a cleaner and safer maritime future by reducing carbon emissions, ensuring environmental compliance, enhancing safety measures, mitigating risks, and fostering collaboration within the industry.

7. How do you anticipate the growth and potential of your start-up in the maritime industry in the coming years?

We anticipate strong growth and potential for our start-up in the maritime industry due to increasing demand, technology adoption, environmental focus, industry collaboration, market differentiation, and continuous innovation.

8. Can you share any success stories or notable achievements your start-up has had so far in the maritime industry?

Our start-up is currently making significant progress in the maritime industry through ongoing pilot projects with container manufacturing companies and shipping lines.


    Visit Rovigos at the Rising Stars Pavilion (Hall 4 – 4314)

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