MARPRO expands its footprint

The prominent maritime recruitment company is thrilled to announce the establishment of its new office in Hamburg, Germany. This new office will be managed by the experienced maritime professional, Margarita Chalmer.


MARPRO expands once again in 2023, this time in the German port city, Hamburg. This strategic move marks a significant milestone in MARPRO’s vision on expansion, as it strengthens its presence in the European maritime industry.

Margarita Chalmer will be the face of MARPRO Germany, an experienced maritime professional, who brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the role.

MARPRO’s commitment to growth

Since the beginning of its story, MARPRO has provided recruitment solutions to worldwide maritime companies. With a commitment to deliver qualified personnel, the company has gained recognition and trust within the industry.

This exciting development is the 4th of its kind, taking the MARPRO Group to further expansion. The decision to establish a new office aligns with MARPRO’s strategic vision to growth within the industry. Positioning MARPRO in Hamburg was a natural step, as the company acknowledges the city’s significance as a hub for maritime activities and renowned for its bustling port and vibrant maritime community. MARPRO Germany aims to support current clients in the region, as well as extending a hand to future companies seeking expert maritime recruitment support.

Managing Director Jakob le Fevre explains: “The MARPRO concept has proven its worth in both Denmark and The Netherlands. The expansion to Germany is the next logical step for us, since we culturally share a lot of values with maritime professionals in Germany, like e.g., quality, sustainability, diversity, and integrity. We have previously serviced Germany from outside, but we truly believe that to be successful with recruitment, you need to be present in the country, speak the local language, understand the nature of the local maritime cluster, and possess a strong local network.

Meet MARPRO’s new face in Germany, Margarita Chalmer

Heading MARPRO’s operations in Germany is Margarita Chalmer, an accomplished maritime professional with a deep understanding of the industry. With a strong background in in a number of specialisations including talent management and a genuine passion for maritime affairs, Margarita brings valuable expertise to the table. Her extensive network and knowledge of the local market till be instrumental in further expanding MARPRO in the region.

“I am very excited to join the international MARPRO team. I sincerely believe that MARPRO is a very valuable addition to the German maritime recruiting solutions offering. I look forward to introducing MARPRO and its value proposition to the German maritime clients”. Says Margarita Chalmer, Branch Manager of MARPRO Germany.

As part of its expanding plan, a part of MARPRO Denmark, MARPRO group opened an office in the Benelux area in 2020 and is well-established in the region. Read more about it here. In April 2023, MARPRO also opened a new office in Athens, Greece.

Contact MARPRO Germany

Margarita Chalmer, Branch Manager

Email: mc@marpro.dk

Connect with Margarita here


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