Reasons to continue your job search during the holidays


The holidays have arrived, and we are ready for a well-deserved break from work and the office. Some jobseekers also take a break from their job search during the holidays, as they believe recruitment companies stop recruiting in that time.

It’s an illusion.

The Christmas holidays is a hectic time of the year, for individuals and for companies as well. Contrary to what many believe, a hiring process doesn’t stop during the holidays.

Many companies plan their new year hiring needs in advance and start their hiring process in anticipation of the holidays, as it means more time for hiring, more time to be ready for business for the new year and having filled positions for the new start in January.

If you don’t believe us, check our job board, and you will see a dozen of freshly available jobs that employers need to fill as soon as possible.

Recruitment companies advertise job positions before Christmas, so they can review the inbound CVs after the holidays.

Therefore, it is strategically effective for job seekers to take time during the holidays to update their CV and keep up their job search over the holidays. Do you want to wait until the new year? That’s exactly what everyone else will do. The new year, ‘new me’ promises involve joining the gym, losing some weight, and finding a new job. It’s a mad rush of enthusiastic ambitious people. Therefore, job search during the holidays, involves less competition for the available jobs.

But remember to take time to rest and relax, too.

Now. Are you ready to take advantage of the holiday’s season and begin your job search? Follow the different steps on the slideshow below.



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    Article shared by courtesy of Narjiss Ghajour, Event & Marketing Manager at MARPRO, a recruitment company for the maritime industry for onshore personnel. Read more about MARPRO.

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