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Hyde Marine was contacted by a Danish Ship-owner that required a ballast water treatment system.


Due to its small footprint, low power consumption, and simplicity in installation, the Hyde GUARDIAN system was deemed a worthy choice. The vessel is a dry bulk type and needed a system that could handle flow rates up to 250 m3/h. The HG250G unit supplied by Hyde Marine is a perfect fit for the small engine room.

Installation was done on at a shipyard in Denmark with support from engineering and project management personnel from Hyde Marine. The 30-year old vessel was on the larger side of the capacity the yard typically has worked with but together the team was able to develop a strong solution for installation of the unit. Hyde Marine personnel made a couple of courtesy visits to discuss design parameters and provide installation and operational guidance.

The primary challenge was in finding space for the equipment in an already full engine room. With a little ingenuity and good workmanship, an arrangement was made. While it was a tight fit, with only a few centimeters of free space in certain areas, it was like the system was created for the vessel. Most of the components were placed near the ballast pumps, thereby minimizing the amount of new piping and piping modifications. Only the power cabinet had to be installed on a higher deck which served as an advantage since it was then located nearer by main switch board and minimized the cable runs.

The whole installation was done during the vessel’s 30 years special survey and the simplicity of the system and support from Hyde Marine enabled a smooth and efficient operation. Inspection of installation, commissioning, class approval and crew training was all completed in only a few days. The vessel is now in service and has conducted several ballast operations via the Hyde GUARDIAN system in that time. While no issues are reported to date, should they need it, the crew can utilize the remote access module provided with the unit should they need real-time remote support from the Hyde Marine team.

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