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Hellenic Maritime Forum to host intense discussions on current issues


The global maritime industry is evolving rapidly and increasing in size. In the last decade the size of the global fleet increase by two thirds. The leading ship owning nation Greece holds 18% of the world’s fleet – that is almost 5000 vessels.

Greek shipowners are also heavy investors into newbuilds and retrofit projects thus making their fleet among the youngest in the industry. These impressive numbers makes Athens a hot spot for the global maritime industry therefore a great location to gather experts and leaders for Hellenic Maritime Forum.

The event is willing to host discussions on some of the most relevant issues that the industry is facing today. With decarbonization being prioritized by the most shipping companies organizer of the event has decided to dedicate a solid amount of time for the panel discussion named “Decarbonisation through the shipowner’s lens”.

The key points that will be discussed are the following: True sustainability – who sets the definition and monitors it?; Ship design developments in the decarbonisation arena; Contamination control; Net Zero Initiatives and incentives.

Another important topic in the event will be “Accelerating digitalization in the maritime industry”. Digitalisation is rapidly entering the maritime industry in all it’s sectors and making it not only more competitive but more green as well. Digital technologies and solutions are among key drivers for decarbonization.

The organizers have also decided to give a special mention to the AI technologies and their part in the drive to the future – dedicating a special panel named: “AI and other advanced technology to support the maritime industry: where are we in 2023?”

The event will also discuss the future of the shipping industry – diving into forecasts and visions of the coming 5, 10 and 15 years. What are the latest technologies that will shape the future? What are the best strategies for new build projects? These and other questions will be discussed and hopefully answered in an efficient and even inspiring way.

One thing is sure – the industry would not be able to operate without humans behind it. Brave sailors, operational staff, officers, managers – from bottom to top – everyone is making this industry move. Therefore Hellenic Maritime Forum will discuss the current Human resources situation.

All in all – with an enormous number of attendees from across the value chain the maritime networking expert – IGGS Group – is proud to invite you to Hellenic Maritime Forum on February 7th and 8th in Athens, Divani Caravel Hotel.

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