You are invited to the ss Rotterdam

LISA Community hosts first ever Summit on ss Rotterdam. After a successful online edition in April 2021, shipowners, suppliers and shipyards are now gearing up for a unique client and network event at the legendary former flagship of the Holland America Line, ss Rotterdam, this October 7th and 8th2021.



LISA Summit 2021 allows shipowners to meet other trusted suppliers. And the best part is: their clients will be there as well. So no brochures or sales pitches, but professionals sharing their real-life experiences. There is no better way to meet and assess potential partners.

The importance of suppliers

Having trusted suppliers is invaluable to any shipowner. Ships cannot sail without the equipment, services and support given by suppliers. But finding the right equipment manufacturer, repair yard, or service provider is not easy. It not only costs time, money, and energy, it also involves risks to the continuity of the operations.

Next level

“The Summit is a logical next step towards more effective, valuable and fun business events”, according to Gert Jan Huisink, co-owner of 1 OCEAN, the driving force behind the LISA Community. “We have seen the magic at our Maritime24 events, the Summit will take it to another level”. Business partner Pelle de Jong adds: “In the spirit of the Community, this event is created with the participants, which is unique in our industry. In addition, we use the LISA App before, during and after the event to connect participants, drive engagement and help each-other to succeed.”

Limited and exclusive

The summit is open to any equipment supplier or shipyard, but availability is limited to ensure the right setting and atmosphere. “Together, we hope to create a new standard in our industry and it’s thrilling to be part of it. We welcome NMT members to join us, since they prove to be the best in class”.

This article is shared by courtesy of the Lisa Community. LISA connects you to like-minded professionals around the world. People who already know what you don’t know yet. Have experiences with problems that are new to you. And have found practical solutions you are looking for. In return? Just share what you know and help each-other to succeed in our work: making sure ships are sailing.

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