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As a country with a rich maritime heritage, it was no coincidence that the latest WISTA office was established in Denmark. WISTA Denmark aims to establish an all-encompassing network throughout the maritime industry advocating for the representation of women. Read about the members’ experience at the launch of WISTA Denmark.


WISTA back in Denmark

In a significant stride towards promoting gender equality and empowering women in the maritime industry, the Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA) announced the establishment of its latest office in Denmark. With a growing global presence and Denmark’s maritime heritage, this expansion was no coincidence and marks an important milestone for WISTA.

The past 1st of June, BIMCO opened their doors for WISTA Denmark’s launch party in the prominent location. With a modern design and a sleek architecture, the BIMCO headquarters provided a dreamy environment to all the attendees facing the lake of Bagsværd.

MARPRO’s Marketing and Event Manager, Narjiss Ghajour, had the opportunity of attending the highly anticipated WISTA Denmark launch. Moreover, the attendees had the privilege of listening to the WISTA International President, Elpi Petraki, and the WISTA Denmark President, Jocelyn Hansen. Elpi Petraki’s presentation encompassed her vast expertise and vision for empowering women across the global maritime sector, while Jocelyn Hansen’s speech focused on the specific goals and initiatives of WISTA Denmark. Throughout the event, all the attendees were eager to engage in insightful discussions and gain valuable insights into the goals of WISTA Denmark.

Empowering women in maritime

WISTA has long been recognized as a leading international organization dedicated to fostering the professional development and advancement of women in the maritime. With over 50 national WISTA offices worldwide, the organization acts as a catalyst for change by creating opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange, and mentorship.

The 3 main pillars of WISTA Denmark

WISTA Denmark aims to build a strong community of women professionals within the maritime industry in Denmark. WISTA Denmark will be focusing on 3 main pillars:

  • International network

WISTA Denmark will foster an environment where women can network, share experience, and develop valuable relationships amongst members across the globe.

  • Mentorship

WISTA Denmark encourages professional development, hence why education and mentorship initiatives are offered to equip women with the necessary skills, knowledge, and support to excel in their careers.

  • Collaboration:

By fostering strong partnerships with other maritime organizations, WISTA Denmark strives to enhance and empower women in the maritime industry.

MARPRO extends the best wishes to WISTA Denmark on the inauguration of their new office in Denmark. May the milestone mark the new beginning of a successful journey towards advancing gender diversity and empowerment within the Danish maritime industry.


Article by Narjiss Ghajour, Event & Marketing Manager at MARPRO, shared by courtesy of MARPRO-Maritime Professionals

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