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Artemis Technologies revolutionises luxury water transportation


Artemis Technologies, a leading company in the development of high-performance maritime technology, is proud to announce the launch of its new electric foiling water taxi, the .

The Artemis EF-12 Escape is a high-end zero-emission water taxi providing safe, efficient, and on-demand mobility for environmentally conscious cities and exclusive resorts across the globe.The new luxury water taxi is equipped with advanced electric foiling technology, reducing energy consumption and emissions while providing a smooth and comfortable ride. Designed with luxury in mind, the vessel features high-end finishes and comfortable seating for up to 12 passengers.

“We are thrilled to launch the Artemis EF-12 Escape to the global maritime transportation industry,” said David Tyler, Commercial Director of Artemis Technologies who unveiled the new design to industry colleagues at Shippax Barcelona. “Our goal is to provide a sustainable, comfortable, and luxurious passenger experience for our customers, while also reducing their environmental impact.”

This latest addition to the Artemis Technologies fleet has been designed to cater for the most discerning customers who demand the best.  Developed for the luxury travel market, the Artemis EF-12 Escape combines the sleek style of a traditional monohull with the uncompromising performance of the revolutionary Artemis eFoiler® system.

The cutting-edge design is futuristic and sleek, the technologically advanced foils, autonomous flight control, electric drive system, as well as the aerodynamic shape of the vessel allow it to effortlessly fly above the water, giving the passengers a truly unique experience, whatever the conditions.

The Artemis eFoiler® market leading autonomous flight control system provides passengers with a comfortable ride, combined with the luxury amenities and silent operation delivering a first in class experience.

This 100% electric water taxi allows operators and passengers to travel in comfort with minimal effect on the environment.  With a top speed of 30 knots and a foiling range of 52 nautical miles the Artemis eFoiler® Escape is perfect for island hopping from the Florida Keys to the Red Sea.

Powered by the revolutionary Artemis eFoiler® electric propulsion system, it comes as no surprise that this craft provides the highest level of performance and guest comfort.  The Artemis EF-12 Escape has ultra-fast charging capability, with a full charge taking less than 60 minutes.

Producing zero emissions in operation, and generating minimal wake at high-speed, makes the Artemis EF-12 Escape the perfect mode of on water mobility for both busy and environmentally sensitive waterways.

It is available in multiple configurations to suit various operational profiles. The sliding door at back of the cabin separates the guest area from the luggage racks, enabling passengers to keep cool and refreshed during the loading of baggage.

The 12m water taxi is fully accessible with a wide wheelchair friendly aperture of 1175mm. Primarily designed for safe side loading, the Artemis EF-12 Escape can also accommodate aft loading as required.

“We believe that our new electric foiling water taxi will set a new standard for the water taxi industry,” said Tyler. “It combines the latest technology with luxurious design, providing a unique and unforgettable experience for our customers.”

The launch of Artemis Technologies’ electric foiling water taxi at Shippax is a significant milestone for the company, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and sustainability. The vessel is available to order now, providing a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional water taxis.

View the Artemis EF-12 Escape

This article is shared by courtesy of Artemis Technologies.

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Narjiss Ghajour

Editor-in-Chief of Maritime Professionals
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