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US demands green offshore wind

Next week, several Danish offshore shipping companies and Danish Shipping are accompanying the Danish Prime Minister on a visit to the US.


Offshore wind and green fuels will among other things be high on the agenda.

Although there are currently only seven offshore installations working off the entire US coastline, there is potential for even more. Despite the few offshore installations at sea, the ambitions and prospects are promising.

That is the reason why several Danish offshore shipping companies are accompanying the Danish Prime Minister to the US this week where she will try to help Danish companies get closer to the US markets through a green export promotion.

Several Danish companies will participate in the visit – including the offshore shipping companies ESVAGT, Northern Offshore Services, Maersk Supply Service and Cadeler.

“As a Danish shipping company and a construction company of wind installations, we are always looking for new business opportunities and in our view the US is an interesting market with great development potential when it comes to green energy. The current administration has made some ambitious plans for transition to wind energy which we of course welcome. Therefore, I look forward to meeting potential business partners and to having a close dialogue about the unique cooperation opportunities. We have both the right competences, experience, and vessels to realise the America offshore wind plans,” says Mikkel Glerup, CEO at Cadeler.

The US national goal for offshore wind energy is to achieve 30GW in 2030 and 110 in 2050. If this is to become a reality, there will be a need for many shipping companies. Therefore, Maersk Supply Service hopes that the visit can put focus on the Danish shipping companies’ role in the large American development of offshore wind.

“With our newly built offshore vessel, Maersk Supply Service will be able to install some of the largest wind farms off the east coastline of the US and thereby the American market will be one of our most important future areas. We hope that the visit to the US can help to forge stronger relationship between the US and Denmark as well as to promote what Danish companies can offer,” says Jonas Munch Agerskov, CCO for Maersk Supply Service.

More than 40 Danish shipping companies undertake offshore wind activities, and an offshore wind farm requires 18 different types of vessels during its lifetime. Today Danish offshore companies have already large market shares around the world, and Danish Shipping sees great potential in the American market:

“Denmark has a unique position when it comes to offshore wind. As a country we have been among the first to install offshore installations and convert wind into energy and when our experience with renewable energy is coupled with the fact that we are one of world’s largest maritime nations, it is only natural that we play an important role in offshore wind. That is why I look forward to penetrating the market for American offshore wind with Danish knowhow,” says Anne H. Steffensen, CEO at Danish Shipping.

At the visit, the Danish Prime Minister will also enter a new alliance on Power-to-X, PtX – the future green fuels. The PtX alliance will consists of a partnership of various Danish and American business organisations and authorities.

“The need for green fuel will be enormous in the years to come, not least from shipping. Denmark cannot assume that task alone and a partnership on PtX with the US is therefore an important contribution to the work. We must share knowledge and experience and that is why I am happy that Danish Shipping is involved the new partnership which can hopefully help boost development,” says Anne H. Steffensen.

Danish shipping companies with interest in the market

So far, the following Danish Shipping companies have ambitions for or concrete activities in the American offshore wind market:

  • Esvagt (joint venture with Crowley)
  • Northern Offshore Services (joint venture with SEA O.G. Offshore)
  • Maersk Supply Service (partnership with Kirby Offshore Wind)
  • Cadeler
  • World Marine Offshore


This article is shared by courtesy of Danish Shipping – – Danish Shipping is a trade and employer organisation. Half of the members of the organisation own ships registered in Denmark, the other half run their activities in Denmark under other flags of state.

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