Unemployment in Denmark at historic low

Deputy Director of Danish Industry, Steen Nielsen, defines the falling unemployment rate as “really positive” for employees and Danish society. However, he comments also that, a falling unemployment rate also implies challenges for companies. Read how:


New figures from Statistics Denmark show that from October to November 2021, the unemployment rate fell from 3.0 % to 2.8%, which is a decline of 0.2%.

This is the lowest number since November 2008. In numbers, that means that there are around 80.600 able-bodied people in Denmark, out of work.

Since the corona pandemic broke out, unemployment rate has fallen by 23.000. As more people have found jobs in the recent months, the unemployment rate is down to a historically low level.

The many job openings provide good opportunities for the unemployed. Deputy director from Danish Industry describes the falling unemployment rate as positive for unemployed people and Danish society.

Even if it’s great news that unemployment continues to be so low, it is not entirely positive as it also gives problems to companies. With far fewer unemployed, it becomes more difficult to find qualified employees for vacant jobs, hence they can not hire the employees they need.

A survey from Danish Industry shows that 4 out of 10 companies, find labor shortages as a major growth challenge in 2022.

The Danish maritime and shipping industry is no exception. After the corona recovery, Danish maritime companies are thriving and ready to burn the market, busier than ever before.

However, many Danish maritime companies have experienced an increasing tendency of having difficulty in finding the right qualitied personnel.

Facts in article found in Berlingske and Fagbevægelsens Hovedorganisation. Article shared by courtesy of MARPRO. For more news from MAPRO, click here.

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