Top 7 specialists in the shipping industry

Blog of the week by Mateusz Białas. If you want to expand your knowledge and awareness about the shipping and shipbuilding industry, read along.


Blog of the week by Mateusz Białas.

I have created a list of top specialists in the shipping industry, which you should follow if you like to expand your knowledge and awareness about the shipping and shipbuilding industry. However, the shipping industry is so wide. There are categories of industrial automation, mechanical engineering and cybersecurity which are beneficial also to other industries. This is my private opinion, this is not a sponsored post. Not all characters are related directly to shipping, but automation presented in general engineering is the same onboard!

 Top specialists category: Best automation engineering for advanced

This category is the closest to my heart. This is not related only to ships, but generally to automation. The title should be “Universities hate him, he shares this knowledge for free!” This category is especially for experienced automation and commissioning engineers. But also beginners will found something for themselves. Do you need to adjust PID? Dr. Douglas Cooper. Do You like to know something about dynamic control? Dr. Douglas Cooper. Do you need to tuning PID? Dr. Dougla Cooper. You have to go to the control guru. Such knowledge, for free! It should be prohibited!

Unfortunately Dr. Cooper does not use social media to promote his materials, but they are brilliant!

 Top specialists in shipping, category: Best mechanical engineering. 

If you like to expand your knowledge about mechanical engineering, you have to check Jon Russell.

Jon has created a great project saVRee. 3d models will explain mechanical topics in detail! He is also the creator of the YouTube channel when You can find really good tutorials 75 thousand subscribers can not be wrong, check it here! The knowledge which he shares can be helpful not only for students but also for professionals. Doesn’t matter if You are the technical director or You are an engine room cadet, you can find useful information there!

Top specialists in shipping, category: Best cybersecurity engineering

Cybersecurity is a relatively new science area. Especially in the shipping industry. I have difficulties with this category. DNVGL has a nice campaign about cyber awareness at sea, but this is too little in my opinion to recommend it. So far the, biggest cyber awareness campaign dedicated to the shipping industry is supported by James Foulk.

Professional security has to be done from the beginning up to the end. In cybersecurity is nothing in between. If Your shipping company is looking for support, this is the right place to go. If You are a seaman and would like to know how to behave, James is the right person to follow. 12 of May is the free event about cybersecurity. MarSec21+, the right place to get some knowledge. I know about it because I follow James!

Top specialists in shipping, category: Fire protection and safety

Ruben Wansink – Fire protection specialist with own video podcast. If You are in doubt about fire protection systems, he is definitely the right contact! If anyone is in doubt about how important is fire protection onboard have to check one of our publications. Ship stories of Ruben are like good news: a pack of information about upcoming webinars, events, news, and stories. Ruben is definitely the person which You should follow if You are interested in shipping!

Top specialists in shipping, category: Best navigation

In the shipping industry TOP 7 to follow have to be something directly connected to sailing. But with automation of course! Silvan T. Paganini is the author of a series of Youtube videos Dynamic Positioning for Dummies. This position is brilliant for students, beginners, and management who like to know, for what kind of equipment is spending a hell of money.

I hear many times from officers: “I would like to become a DPO.” Good news for everyone, because there are free materials! Silvan’s channel has only 480 subscriptions. This is unbelievable: These materials are so good! Do You like to work offshore? You have to watch this. Do you really like to become a DPO? You should beg Silvan for more movies and learn from them!

Top specialists in shipping, category: Best automation engineering for basics

( The best basics about automation engineering you can find definitely at this address: Shahpour Shapournia.

Real Pars Channel at Youtube has thousands of videos explaining all kinds of technical problems. If You need to know how equipment is working in basics, this is the best place to go. If You are the director, and You would like to know what about is this new equipment which people are proposing to You, most probably after 15 minutes You will know the basics. Unexperienced engineers, who have met some equipment first time and are in doubt, RealPars will explain the basics, and You can proceed. However, tons of useful information, for free! These materials are not directly related to vessels, but the same solutions are in use on board the vessels!

Top specialists in shipping, category: Best webinars

If You are already some time in the shipping business You have to know DNV-GL. Why do I think that their webinars are best? Because they record it and they are available here. This is a great option for seamen, who cannot attend it live when they are at sea! The best information, development projects, new standards, and new regulations. All this information You can find on their website here. Additionally Free webinars! The full scope of range: Subjects from cybersecurity to autonomous shipping. Everything like this You can find at DNV-GL. All You have to do is sign up for their newsletter and You will receive information and invitation about upcoming webinars!

    That is my list of people and companies who inspire me! Who you will add to this list and why? Please let Mateusz Białas know.

    The blog of the week is shared by courtesy of Vessel Automation, a knowledge sharing portal, where Mateusz Białas, an electrical engineer who shows that difficult technical subjects can be solved and explained easily.




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