The world’s first digital ship register


This week, Denmark has launched the world’s first digital ship register. It will get rid of troublesome paperwork and increase security related to ship registration and ship trading.

There are currently more than 6000 ships registered in the Danish shipping registers. The registrations of these ships have until now been handled manually.

That is why the Danish Maritime Authority launches the new digital ship register. It will ease the workload with faster and more efficient workflows for everyone working with registration of ships in Denmark.

At the same time, the system contributes with an extra layer of security and control in relation to ship registration.

“Digitalization is a focal point for future shipping. The launch of the digital ship register is a significant initiative in this regard. The digital ship register will get rid of manual paperwork and has great potential for streamlining and reducing the administrative burdens for shipping companies in ship registration and ship trading”- Deputy Director,” Niels Peter Fredslund.

The Digital Ship Register

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