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In Denmark, there’s an alternative end to primary school, than the usual way. Read along and find out how:


8% of primary school children do not complete their final exam.

Primary school is the starting point in a student’s life, and it’s intended as a preparation for further education. According to statistics, 8% of primary school students fail their final exam – which has become a requirement for continuing in further education.

The consequence of lack of education can result in lower quality of life and limitation for these youngsters before adulthood really has begun.

We help young people further in life…

The school ship ZAR is an offer for young people in the grades 8-10 class who have difficulty thriving at school. The school ship offers an alternative completion of the primary school, where students are part of a community, they are assigned with practical responsibility and are equipped with maritime training

Students are on board for an entire school year, where they learn to:

  • Create goals to achieve their dreams and wishes
  • Develop professionally
  • Regain self-esteem and confidence
  • Learn to be part of a social community and take responsibility
  • Learn basic prerequisites for a well-functioning youth and adult life
  • Become personally, professionally, and socially ready for further education or work
  • Attends obligatory subjects and exams
  • Gets maritime training, sailing and life skills
  • Be part of the daily operations of a ship.

Trust-based relationships

The first and most important task is to create a good and close relationship between the adults and the young people. The principal pedagogical task is to create a trust-based relationship with the students.

The school ship has a fixed framework, where every student has schoolwork, practical work on the ship, sailing and daily operations.

The profile of the crew consists of sailors and schoolteachers. The sailors involve the students in the daily work of the ship, from sailing, operation, maintenance etc. They are responsible for the safety on board, and they have good abilities in communicating the rules to achieve the safety. In addition to the sailing crew, there are also trained primary school teachers and social educators with many years of experience.

Evidence for success

After a stay at the Zar school ship, 83% of the students are self-sufficient and in employment. The figure is not only backed by the students, but also their parents, which give a clear picture that the school ship has been crucial to their changes in life.

The founders behind the concept

Two passionate souls with the same values. To help and increase youngsters’ well-being and opportunities in life. The founders behind Zar school ship are:

  • Remus Tramm is the experienced sailor. He has a maritime education, sailing experience and experience with young people as co-crew on sailing ships.
  • Christne Schmidt Søder is the experienced businesswoman. She has a master’s degree in economics and business administration, and work experience in management, finance and organization.

Based on experience, analyses and vision, the founders believe the “school ship” concept has a great growth potential. A stay on board has made a noticeable difference for young people, both in the short and in the long term. For the founders, the dream is not only one school ship, but an entire fleet!

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