The power of exhibiting together – why exhibit in a national pavilion?

MARPRO collaborates with the Danish Export Association and the Norwegian Maritime Exporters to create a fully dedicated Danish-Norwegian area in Europort 2023 for the first time ever.


When attending an exhibition, a company has many decisions that need to be made. Some of the decisions are whether they should go solo and design their own stand or should they participate in a national pavilion?

Whether you are a newbie at exhibiting, or a veteran, participating by joining forces in national pavilions, will always be an advantage. National pavilions offer an attractive business development opportunity under one flag, that is especially beneficial for SMEs.

6 reasons why it can be beneficial to exhibit in a national pavilion:

  1. Your company will exhibit in a larger location, hence there are greater prospects for visibility.
  2. Participating under one flag can help save money. This is especially a good idea to first-timers who don’t know the exhibition and want to be present without the biggest investment of time and money.
  3. You will be part of a stronger community. Thereby there is a bigger chance you’ll be invited to networking events and other activities.
  4. You’ll be part of a common branding and marketing strategy, before, during and after the event. This gives you a big advantage compared to your competitors.
  5. The organisation behind you will have experience and be familiar with the exhibition. They’ll take care of the practicalities and the requirements. It gives an ease of participation for you in a stress-free way.
  6. Joining a national pavilion makes it much easier for visitors to locate you on the exhibition floor.

Europort with a joint Team Denmark and Norway pavilion

One of the important international shipping and maritime events in the world, is without question Europort. It’s visited by an average of 25,000 professionals and 1,040 exhibiting companies.

Should you be interested in participating in Europort 2023, there will be a fully dedicated Danish – Norwegian area for the first time ever.

At this area, the Danish Export Association and the Norwegian Maritime Exporters will develop a joint Team Denmark – Norway Pavilion. MARPRO is the official representative for Europort in Scandinavia for general participation and is now joining forces with Danish Export Association and Norwegian Maritime Exporters to create a pavilion with a stronger visibility showcasing the countries’ innovative companies.

Jakob le Fevre, Managing Director of MARPRO says: At MARPRO we are very happy and proud to work with reputable organisations like Danish Export Association and Norwegian Maritime Exporters, with a common target of presenting high quality Scandinavian brands at the 2023 edition of Europort. The Danish and Norwegian national pavilions are always an attraction to visit at international maritime trade fairs, and the fact that they are joining forces at Europort for the first time will benefit all parties.”

Raymond Siliakus, Director of Europort states: “A big welcome to Norway and Denmark! We are happy to see that Danish Export Association and Norwegian Maritime Exporters will host the Denmark-Norway pavilion in Europort2023. Cooperation is key in fostering innovation and this joint initiative sets a new example in the international arena of maritime exhibitions.

The Pavilion of Denmark – to ease your participation

The Danish Export Association has organized joint stands at international trade fairs for more than 50 years. The companies can fully trust that they will help you with a stand that really suits your company’s needs. By joining the Team Denmark – Norway Pavilion, your company becomes part of a strong community, branded as part of a strong sector, which stands strong against customers and competitors. Together with the rest of the companies, you will attract more people to the stand, and you’ll even experience that the companies help each other in sharing contacts and knowledge with you.

We have seen multiple examples of companies benefitting from collaborations and partnerships that started by being part of Pavilion of Denmark. So, while the pavilion gives you a strong foothold in both market and sector, it can also serve as a stepping stone towards export projects with other Danish sector colleagues,” Mie J. Jakobsen, Head of Marine at Danish Export Associations, says.

Lean back and let Danish Export Association take care of practicalities, while you focus on customers and strengthen the business.

Europort with the Danish Export Association

Norwegian Maritime Exporters – making waves worldwide

Norwegian Maritime Exporters has served as a link between Norwegian maritime companies and international trade fairs since 1995. They are known to organize pavilions at major global exhibitions. By joining the Team Denmark – Norway Pavilion, you’ll exhibit together with strong equipment manufacturers and service providers under the Norwegian flag. This national cluster will attract international decision-makers, as it’s truly recognised as a global centre of excellence for the maritime sector, giving you a greater impact at the exhibition.

“We see that major global industry exhibitions provide a pivotal point of access allowing our exhibiting companies to competitively market their expertise and products to international decision makers. It is our experience that networking between the companies in the pavilions is breeding business understanding, uncovering new opportunities, and encouraging sharing and transfer of knowledge to enhance the sector as a whole”, says Erlend Prytz, CEO, Norwegian Maritime Exporters.

Like Danish Export Association you can rely on Norwegian Maritime Exporters to take care of practicalities. Instead, you can focus on catching up on business and the latest innovations.

Europort 2023 with Norwegian Maritime Exporters

Do you want to know more about the Danish or Norwegian Pavilion?

Should you be interested in taking advantage of exhibiting and presenting your products or services under the Danish or Norwegian flag at Europort please feel free to reach out to the pavilion organisers as follows.

  • MARPRO: Narjiss Ghajour |mobile: +45 611 00 673 | email:
  • Danish pavilion: Mie Jakobsen |mobile: +45 217 36 336 | email:
  • Norwegian pavilion: Bjørg Ekornrud |mobile: +47 930 33 424 | email:

Narjiss Ghajour

Editor-in-Chief of Maritime Professionals
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