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The Port of Hamburg reports a positive trend in container throughput. The Port of Hamburg’s container throughput rose by 1.1% to 1.9 million TEU and by 0.7% to 19 million tons in Q1, despite a 3.3% drop in total cargo due to reduced bulk cargo. Axel Mattern of the Port of Hamburg notes stabilizing trade amid Red Sea disruptions, but says quarterly data can’t predict annual trends.

Total seaborne cargo was 27.4 million tons, down 3.3% due to an 11.9% decline in bulk cargo, especially liquid cargo with high stock levels.

US trade hit a record 179,000 TEUs, up 17.7%, with China up 2.9% to 536,000 TEU. Mexican and Moroccan trade grew by 32.2% and 44.9%, respectively. Transshipment traffic rose 3.0% to 625,400 TEU.

Ship calls increased for medium-capacity ships (4,000-10,000 TEU), while calls for larger ships (over 10,000 TEU) fell due to rerouting around the Cape of Good Hope.

Seaport-hinterland rail traffic stayed stable, with a 0.9% increase in container throughput to 641,000 TEU and a slight 0.6% decrease in tonnage to 11.5 million tons.

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