The importance of the Seafarer in 2024


It’s no secret that in this globalized world of 2024, seafarers remain indispensable to the backbone of international trade, the world economy, and society in general. Their role is crucial in ensuring that goods, from everyday essentials to luxury items, traverse the world’s oceans, connecting continents, economies, and people.

Especially in recent times, with challenges such as COVID-19, acts of piracy, hostage situations, and the Red Sea Crisis, our seafarers have been victims in wider geopolitical conflicts. Yet their role often goes underappreciated within the maritime industry and the general public.

Despite the big advances in maritime technology, the human element at sea continues to be irreplaceable for managing unforeseen circumstances, making critical decisions, and ensuring the safety of the vessel, the crew and its cargo – tasks that technology cannot achieve with the same results.

In short, what we are trying to write, is that seafarers are the unsung heroes of the global supply chain. In 2024, it’s more imperative than ever to celebrate their contributions worldwide.

Day of the seafarer

Day of the Seafarer 2024

One way to make the maritime industry and the general public more aware of the role that seafarers play is to promote and encourage the celebration of the Day of the Seafarer.

This year, the annual Day of the Seafarer will be celebrated the 25th of June. It is a pivotal moment to recognize and appreciate the invaluable contributions of all seafarers of all stripes from all over the world.

The theme for 2024, “Safety Tips at Sea,” emphasizes seafarers’ efforts in making the maritime industry a safer workplace.

The IMO seeks to raise awareness with this campaign and encourages seafarers to share their best safety tips at sea by sharing pictures of themselves in their working environment, highlighting how they keep their workplace safe.

#SafetyTipsAtSea is the new hashtag for IMO’s 2024 campaign. The MARPRO Group sends an encouraging request to our seafarers: Let us know how you keep yourselves and your workplace safe. Be creative! And to everyone else, take a moment on the Day of the Seafarer to consider the vital role all the seafarers play in our daily lives.

Article by Narjiss Ghajour, Global Event & Marketing Manager at MARPRO, shared by courtesy of MARPRO-Maritime Professionals

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Narjiss Ghajour

Editor-in-Chief of Maritime Professionals
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