The evolution of digital Regulations for Ships


In the past decade, the transition to digital solutions has emerged as a top trend in the maritime sector. By facilitating ship-to-shore communication as well as communication between ships, it supports new opportunities that improve ship compliance, security and logistics.

Alongside the evolving industry, is the accelerating rate at which maritime regulations are changing. This presents a challenge for ship owners, managers and operators – more regulations, from more regulators and changing more quickly than ever.

Until now, the best solution for this challenge has been installing software onboard ships with digital publications. The software solutions however came with problems of their own – complicated installations, restrictive licenses, updating errors and cybersecurity issues to name just a few. Having only few providers to choose from, ship managers often struggled with finding a solution that would fit nicely into their business.

The innovative Cloud solution

DanCompliance is harnessing the accelerating growth in maritime regulations by providing a cloud-based regulatory compliance solution to ship and shore-based officers and managers. MarineRegulations is a comprehensive online database of documentation and regulations including from IMO, Flag States and Classification Societies, which works as well on board as it does ashore.

Ronni Palmqvist, CEO of DanCompliance commented: “We have the most comprehensive collection of maritime legislation, rules, notices and guidelines on the market, and we keep expanding every single day.”

Using the latest cloud application technology ships can access their regulatory publications, without the need for any locally installed software, whether they have a live internet connection or not. For the first time this really cuts the cord with shore-based supply of publications, data and software.

“Our newest feature is easy-to-use and tailored for ships. Only selected content will be downloaded, so your library is kept up-to-date using only the required data and it synchronizes automatically when connected to the internet.” – Ronni explained when asked about the functionality.

MarineRegulations is already trusted by some of the largest names in the maritime world such as Maersk, RINA, P&O Maritime and Bourbon Offshore and thus DanCompliance has in record time become a significant global provider of regulatory publications.

This article is shared by courtesy of DanCompliance – servicing customers worldwide with ensuring regulatory compliance.

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