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American wind plans provide tailwinds in Esbjerg. The US wind ambition is a 70 mia $ market and Esbjerg has all prerequisites to become a part of this. More companies for West Jutland are on the way.


Over the next eight years, 30 GW of offshore wind will be established in the United States; more than the approximately 25 GW installed in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea over the past 20 years.

The American wind ambitions have the potential to provide tailwinds in Denmark, where a strong chain targeted the offshore wind has been built.

“For an area like Esbjerg, which has adapted several times throughout history and has managed to create a new industry every time, the American market has certain potential” says Chargé d’affaires Stuart A. Dwyer from the American Embassy in Denmark, who Tuesday was in Esbjerg to visit energy companies “Esbjerg has the entire infrastructure that is a prerequisite for establishing offshore wind energy. I am convinced that there are mutual opportunities for cooperation in the United States”, says Stuart A. Dwyer.

The competence is in Esbjerg
In 2020, the US offshore market was set at an estimated value of a staggering 70 billion. $, a number that has only increased since.

“If you, as Esbjerg has been responsible for shipping two out of three offshore wind turbines in the world, the American announcements are an incredible interesting market potential”, says Karsten Rieder, Business Manager in Esbjerg

“Americans are looking for a well-run subcontractor chain that can deliver from day on. The big actors are in place, and they know where to get the competences: Here in Esbjerg. That is why many local companies look closely at the United States”, he says

The American delegation had lunch at one of the Esbjerg companies who has already established themselves in the USA. ESVAGT is currently chasing its first offshore wind contract in partnership with the American shipping company Crowley, and CEO Peter Lytzen shares the perception of the potential along the American coasts:

“The Americans has a huge need and there is a political push to invest in the offshore wind. In ESVAGT we have the technology, designs, equipment and not at least 20 years of experience with the offshore wind. We believe, ESVAGT has a huge potential to be a strong subcontractor in the USA because of our competences”, says Peter Lytzen.

This article is shared by courtesy of Esvagt, a dedicated provider of safety and support at sea and services both the offshore wind industry as well as the oil & gas industry.

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