Staying on track, minimizing downtime

New technical ‘lifeline’ minimizes critical downtime for Femern Belt contractors Entrepreneurs at the Femern Belt construction site are now ensured quick and easy access to solid production and manpower support – both at sea and ashore. The help is just one call away.


The new service provides quick and easy access to service and support of hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical machinery and equipment – and not least manufacturing of advanced customized solutions.

Ever-present demand for technical support

The construction of the Femern Belt connection is well underway and steadily approaching the 2029-deadline. While involving numerous foreign and local contractors operating at both sea and ashore, technical challenges are an inevitable part of the work progress at each state. This makes the demand for production and manpower support ever-present.

A demand the large Danish engineering company, SH Group, is ready to fulfill with their newly established facilities and highly skilled technical support team that specializes in steel, hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical engineering.

Quick and easy access to technical ‘lifeline’
“It is crucial for the construction companies to stay on track and finish their work according to schedule. We help them minimize unexpected downtime and avoid costly delay by providing quick and easy access to a technical lifeline”, says Site Manager Klaus Rasmussen, who is playing a leading role in establishing SH Group’s presence at the construction site.

The Danish-based company is an experienced worldwide provider of multiple services and equipment – and customized hydraulic, mechanical, and automated solutions. SH Group is already operating and solving challenges for contractors, shipping companies and other vendors at the Femern Belt construction site.

Help at sea and ashore
“We provide customized solutions and take care of all service aspects like maintenance, modifications, overhaul, testing and installation on machinery and equipment on cranes, dredging vessels, production plants etc. Logistically we are used to operating both ashore and at sea above and deep below the waterline”, explains Klaus Rasmussen.

Recruiting and cooperating with local vendors
While the core business is technical service, support and engineering of customized hydraulic, mechanical, and automated solutions, SH Group is also an experienced main contractor that companies can draw on:

“Some Femern Belt contractors, especially foreign, may lack the resources to manage projects involving different professional groups. Based on hundreds of projects, we have developed strong skills in recruiting, managing, and cooperating with various kinds of subcontractors needed for a specific project. Right now, we are building strong relationships with qualified local businesses, so we can leverage any large project for companies working at the Femern Belt construction site”, the SH Group Site Manager points out.

‘One Call Does It All’
When in need for urgent technical support, a customized solution or help launching a specific project, the ‘lifeline’ is just one call away. SH Group operates by the principle ‘One-Call-Does-It-All’ to ensure that companies in need get help quickly and easily. The number is answered 24/7 all year round.

This article is shared by courtesy of SH Groupan international company that develops, manufactures and services hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical solutions for the Marine, Oil & Gas, Offshore Wind and industrial sectors.

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