ShirlZ a Rising Star at Europort 2023

Revolutionizing sustainable clothing solutions for the maritime sector


It all started with the mission to create the perfect look for every occasion. ShirlZ began in 2012 with the idea of detachable collars and cuffs, and the modular approach to clothing, making it interchangeable to provide the right look for any event. There was interest from companies, and we began designing logos woven into fabric as patterns.

Soon, we discovered that incorporating our logo fabric into clothing was a success. Orders for representative corporate attire evolved into entire organizational wardrobes, completely tailored to each company’s style. We realized that we could contribute even more by implementing more sustainable processes in clothing production, reducing waste and thereby making a positive impact on the world.

Three years ago, we identified a market opportunity – producing clothing lines based on custom patterns, combined with optimized clothing management and garment technology for larger corporations. We recognized that clothing management challenges posed a significant cost for many businesses. This realization spurred us into action. We started mapping out these challenges and often found solutions within our designs.

Our secret? We not only combine appearance and brand recognition but also prioritize the most crucial aspect – well-fitting clothing – in a comprehensive service package for the customer, complemented by clothing management. This enabled us to manufacture high-quality garments tailored to each client’s needs, from essential basics to Private Label collections.

Within the maritime sector, our mission is to assist companies in becoming more sustainable, primarily by optimizing ancillary clothing processes. In this sector, stringent demands apply, and due to frequent personnel rotations, regularly purchased workwear often goes underutilized. But we’re changing that! Our smart adjustment systems in the designs allow clothing to be adapted for new employees. Additionally, we examine the entire clothing process and design solutions to cut costs and promote reusability.

Sustainability is a pivotal element of our corporate philosophy. We emphasize clothing reuse through the use of name labels and adjustable lengths and widths in our patterns. We also focus on using longer lasting and easily recyclable materials. This reduces waste and contributes to a cleaner future.

However, our success wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing team. Our small yet highly skilled team consists of experts from various disciplines. With our broad expertise, versatility, and shared passion for innovation, we’ve taken on the challenges of the industry.

At ShirlZ, we collaborate, discuss, experiment, and strive for perfection. New ideas are thoroughly researched and tested, and we diligently update our capabilities to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Our unique approach helps us consistently achieve a flawless result.

Ultimately, this journey led us to the prestigious stage of the Europort Exhibition at Ahoy from November 7th to 10th, where we proudly stand as a Rising Star. We’re grateful for the recognition of our efforts and the opportunity to share our story. Whether at the exhibition, in the office, or on the work floor, at ShirlZ, we ensure you always look great and are ready for any challenge the maritime sector has to offer!

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Visit ShirlZ at the Rising Stars Pavilion (Hall 4 – 4314)

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