Shaped by the winds of change

Imagine yourself on a floating sanctuary that is effortlessly sculpted by the wind. A design that has depth and is perfectly balanced. Reflecting how we relax, connect and work in the modern world, seamlessly transitioning between destinations and modes of living.


Named after the Greek god of the wind, Aeolus, she presents herself in feminine form as a spectacular Oceanco yacht. She touches us on a profound level, speaking to us like a beautifully designed car or transportive piece of music. She is decadent yet not indulgent. Confident yet not arrogant. Provocative yet not boastful.

Aeolus heralds a new era for dwellings on water. With her long bow and aftorientated superstructure, made up of three distinct living areas, she delivers both a strikingly elegant proportion and a timeless sense of pure, nature inspired modernity.

Feminine and masculine in equilibrium

From the creative mind of Giles Taylor, in partnership with Oceanco and the interior architects at Njord by Bergman Design House, Aeolus’s ingenious design resonates with creatives, visionary leaders, innovators and big thinkers.

Those who are conscious of image while also deeply private, and who are driven to create impactful change in the world yet wish to stay out of the spotlight themselves. Aeolus resides at the junction of majestic elegance and structural efficiency, striking an intriguing equilibrium between feminine curves and masculine presence. At the heart of her design is a reference to the J Class sailing yachts of the last century. An absolute harmony between the ocean and wind power. A waterborne experience that no other yacht can offer.

The purest of sanctuaries

Her hull launches two dynamic, forward-orientated buttresses to frame a beautiful opening onto the sea. Feel closer to nature while enjoying your morning workout or an evening cocktail reception, as if the intimate moment were one a much smaller craft. A unique benefit of the 360-degree experience, Aeolus’s hull design approach opens up an otherwise blocked off space usually given over to suites that are often vacant.

The story of Aeolus

Her three distinct, glass-clad, layered decks invite you to actively participate in the surrounding seascape. To socialize, to host and to dine as well as to enjoy private time with the ocean always in view. Moving slowly but effortlessly up through the pod-like formations to the owner’s private oasis, this is where she truly resonates with those onboard like no other; the purest of sanctuaries.

Art, the body and nature entwine

Aeolus’s design highlights her exterior, with views that capture the romance of movement at sea. She draws these generous outside spaces effortlessly to her interior, stimulating reflection and inspiration. Her interior is at once sensual and timeless, organic and sustainable; a place where art, the body and nature entwine. Vast, multi-use spaces are intuitively shaped to make Aeolus’s interior feel welcoming and open, without confining boundaries.

Exploring the relationship between form and space, her creators have curated Aeolus through a desire to coexist with the ocean and landscape. Visually, the interior manifests in a blend of tonal textures and unexpected shapes, balancing a chorus of colors that grace minimal and maximal silhouettes alike.

A private retreat

Aeolus is a great fit if you consider your floating home to be like a natural, private retreat and sea-borne sanctuary. She accommodates just enough suites for your family and favored guests while ensuring that your elevated master suite delivers the best views in the house.

The unique private owner’s deck, with a bar and relaxation area located above, can be reserved just for you or opened up for socializing, depending on your wishes. In this remarkable hideaway, a secluded world for relaxation or business is imagined; the ocean view is shared by no-one else and offers the ultimate private space in which you might consider the shape of the world, now and in the future.

The next level down, or upper deck, is home to the cocoon-like master suite with its unobstructed panoramic vistas, not to mention a stunning sunken bath and private seating nook for quiet contemplation. The aft part of the upper deck is given over to a multifunctional space for relaxing, dining with guests or hosting a business function; fully glazed with stunning views, it has a symmetry of layout that reminds one of the great ocean liners from the Golden Age.

Picture sipping aperitifs on the aft deck, a table set for alfresco dining, with a stunning inner space in which to retire when evening temperatures fall.

The main deck features a stylishly integrated pool and lounging area to the stern with stairs descending to the beach club. The first point of entry on Aeolus is the main deck lounge, with a staircase leading up to an inner atrium, which offers a place to dine, meet day guests and host drinks receptions or business gatherings.

Two guest suites are situated forward on the main deck, adjacent to the gym and exterior atrium, which is open from above and provides far-reaching views to both sides, right next to the ocean. Two VIP suites and two guest suites are located on the lower deck, located a short walk from the expansive and multifunctional beach club with its flanking fold-down terraces that offer beautiful waterside lounging opportunities from a choice of intimate, comfortable seating areas.

This space can transition to whatever vibe is demanded, from an afternoon pool party to a more formal evening event; its sit-up bar is positioned underneath the twinkling of the pool skylight above, while a nearby private space can be adapted for a variety of needs. All decks are connected by a central feature elevator and staircase that effortlessly extend down to the beach club, where tenders await to transport you and your guests ashore.

Leaving no trace with biomaterials

Aeolus fully aligns with Oceanco’s NXT initiative, meaning she is in tune with evolving perspectives on the environment as well as lifestyle. She shows us that authentic sustainability of the future is also beautiful and stylish, both in terms of technical capability as well as materials used onboard.

Aeolus’s interior has a strong language of introducing fully sustainable and traceable materials, including biomaterials, at her core. Her creators have curated a selection of forward-thinking suppliers to fit out Aelous in the most sustainable and conscious manner possible.

Responsible replacements for exotic hardwoods will be installed for lower-impact flooring, for example. Her interior will feature Desserto, a premium vegan leather alternative that is made from climate-positive cactus plants. Linens onboard will be sourced from Oliveri Homes, which exclusively works with Global Organic Textile Standard cottons and uses non-toxic processes and dyes to create its materials. This collaboration to create dwellings of the future starts with Aeolus but has endless potential both on land and water.

A future-proofed pathway to net zero

Together with Aeolus’s technical partners ABB and MTU, Oceanco and Lateral have developed an adaptable architecture to enable a future proofed pathway to net zero. Future-proofing a yacht is the process of anticipating the future to enable informed choices of layout, configuration, technology and specification that will avoid obsolescence within the intended lifespan of the yacht.

Any yacht built today will have to span the energy transition, a period of significant changein available fuel types and associated technologies. This demands an adaptable technical architecture that can accommodate the alterations to layout, configuration and specifications needed to integrate future technologies and alternative fuels in the least invasive way possible.

Lateral and Oceanco have developed the Energy Transition Platform (ETP) to ensure multiple technical pathways can be pursued as technologies mature during the energy transition timeline. Aeolus is configured in her initial configuration to be state of the art today; fully procurable and warrantable as an advanced diesel electric architecture.

In her final ‘end state’, Aeolus would be configured with a 100% alternative fuel hybrid of fuel cells and internal combustion power generation. Critically, during her lifespan, a pre-strategized and intermediate upgrade can be implemented, dependent upon the advancement and commercial availability of technology.

This article is shared byc courtesy of Oceanco.

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Narjiss Ghajour

Editor-in-Chief of Maritime Professionals
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