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Marinetech Startup "Unafix" releases online Charter Party editor to market.


After some two years of software development, Eemshaven-based tech startup is now releasing their cloud-based charter party and maritime document management software solution to market.

Following extensive trials, the Dutch Marinetech company has today opened their digital doors for Brokers, Owners, Charterers and Agents in all trades. “Maritime professionals often experience documentary tasks such as Charter Party drafting as time-consuming and cumbersome.”, founder of the company and maritime legal counsel Jeroen Wolthuis said. “To remedy this, we have delivered a tailored software solution that allows users to use their familiar C/P and B/L forms in a user-friendly interface that automates as many tasks as possible.”.

Sander de Jong, User Experience Engineer, confirms that a lot of effort has gone into creating an intuitive experience for users. “One of our goals was to make the Charter Party editing software so easy to use that anyone could use it immediately after signing up without any form of training being required.”.

“In addition, charter parties are relatively complex documents. To develop a document management solution that can efficiently handle these complex documents meant a large workload on the development team.”, said Johannes Elzinga, lead software developer. “On the plus side it also meant that we did not have to make any concessions when tailoring the product for the maritime industry.”.

Today, Unafix is launching their product to maritime professionals working with charter parties or bills of lading. “Besides being proud of the development team for delivering an outstanding product, we are also very grateful to BIMCO”, Jeroen concludes. “Owners, Brokers and Charterers often rely on standardized forms such as GENCON ’94, BALTIME 1939 (as revised 2001) and the CONGENBILL 1994 or in their day-to-day operations. We are exceptionally grateful to BIMCO for having licensed Unafix to provide copies of BIMCO standardized forms, which was a clear requirement for market adoption of our solution.”.

This article is shared by courtesy of Unafix – – Unafix allows you to collaborate with your team, external partners and clients in real time to optimize efficiency.

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