See the Stars Rise at Europort 2023

Are you the future of the maritime industry? Join the Rising Star Pavilion at Europort 2023 and make sure to showcase your ground breaking solution to a large audience at an affordable price.


Europort 2023 is knocking on the door

It’s buzzing with excitement in Rotterdam, as the city is preparing to once again host one of the world’s most important international shipping & maritime events. Have you guessed it already? That’s right, it’s EUROPORT 2023.

Europort is much more than an international shipping and maritime event – it is the vibrant hub of the latest cutting-edge technology, complex shipbuilding, and a global meeting place.

With an impressive line-up of 1,040 exhibiting companies from 43 countries, it is no surprise that an average of 25,000 maritime professionals visit the event every edition to share knowledge and create new opportunities.

Reach for the stars

But that’s not all – Europort is also dedicated to fostering young companies and ideas, offering an area tailored to those striving for smarter, innovative, and sharper solutions.

So let us ask you these questions: Are you a maritime innovator looking to make a mark in the industry? Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with a vision for the future of maritime? Are you eager to showcase your own cutting-edge ideas and insights?

Then MARPRO and Europort have something special for you – The Rising Stars Pavilion!

Here, you’ll have a unique platform designed to provide a fair opportunity to present your solutions to a wide global audience at an affordable price.

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What can you expect as a Rising Star?

The Rising Stars Pavilion is your chance to join an exclusive gathering of 21 other forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

You get to be part of a joint pavilion with a strong visual identity, providing your business with further visibility. If you are chosen as a Rising Star, you will benefit from a complete package of services to help you make the most of the opportunity. You will also have access to a range of promotional services and MARPRO’s strong online presence, which will give you the best possible exposure in the run-up to Europort and during the event. All of this included in the affordable participation fee.

Who are you?

Reaching for the stars and becoming an industry leader takes hard work and dedication. Becoming a Rising Stars 2023 is no exception. But who are these Rising Stars?

You are a powerhouse team of innovators with a shared vision and the drive to make your solution succeed. If your company is no older than 5 years old and if you have an innovative solution that has the potential for significant revenue and staff growth, then consider applying to become a Rising Star 2023.

You’ll be evaluated on 4 criteria: growth potential, innovation, sustainability and the team behind it.

Apply to become a Rising Star 2023

Caring about start-ups

It’s no secret that the maritime industry is in a state of constant change, and to keep up with the pace it sometimes calls for trailblazing collaborations.

To promote and foster the constant change in the maritime industry, the MARPRO Group, an acclaimed global recruitment specialist in shipping and maritime, is proud to, for the consecutive year, join forces with Europort and provide the Rising Stars platform to support the maritime industry leaders of tomorrow by giving them a fair chance to join the conversation today.

The first edition of the Rising Stars took place back in Europort 2021 and was a resounding success – one we are looking to replicate in the second edition.

Jakob le Fevre, Managing Director of MARPRO says: “I have started several companies in the maritime industry. It is always hard to start-up a new company, but the global aspect of the maritime industry makes it even more challenging. I would have loved this concept when I started up in the past – so this is our way to give back to the community we are a part of.” 

Why be a Rising Star?

Yannick Hellenthal, Sales Representaive Diize, Rising Star 2021

“We would like to thank MARPRO for the opportunity to be a part of Europort, and also for the assistance and guidance along the way. The marketing really helped us to get exposure.”

Arnd Baurichter, CEO Dacoma, Rising Star 2021

“We a had a really great show here in Europort 2021 in the Rising Stars Pavilion. The Rising Stars Pavilion gave us some extra visibility because many people stopped by, looking at what kind of innovations there were. This provided us with a very good and very busy trade show. We had a lot of good discussion here at our booth. And another good thing about the pavilion is that we could also network with the other start-ups who were represented in the Rising Stars Pavilion.”

Simon Burhorst, CEO Mesh, Rising Star 2021

“For us being a Rising Star was very nice because it was the first exhibition meeting people live and face to face, we are very proud and very happy to be here. We made a lot of new friends, new contacts, new partnerships, so thank you MARPRO for this opportunity. It was very nice to be here.”

Jesper Rhode Andersen, Bord Member and Business Development, Mi wire, Rising Star 2021 

“We think it has been very positive to be here. We have got contacts with a lot of people from the distribution and re-selling segments and for that reason we will be happy to be here again next time.”

Rasmus Elsborg-Jensen, Founder & CEO at Reflow, Rising Star 2021  

“It has been really amazing to be a part of the Rising Stars here at Europort. We have received a lot of good new contacts and it has really been above expectations. We are really grateful for being here and being part of this amazing team.”

Ben Pinnington, Founder and Managing Director, Polaris Media, Rising Star 2021

“In terms of what we have achieved being here in the Rising Stars pavilion, it’s been brilliant to network with all of the different entrepreneurs here, there’s some brilliant innovative disruptive ideas. We’ve got a lot out of it, meeting new people and raising awareness for Polaris.”

Michiel Gunsing, Director at GBMS, Rising Star 2021.  

“Being a Rising Star was an enormous success. We were inspired by the visitors and the colleagues because of some great new ideas. We also acquired a couple of new clients. Many thanks to MARPRO for this opportunity, we are looking forward to continuing this cooperation in the upcoming event.”

Mads Andersen, CEO and co-founder Blue Atlas Robotics, Rising Star 2021 |

“We have been part of the Rising Stars Pavilion in Europort 2021 and it was really great for us to be here. We have been meeting a lot of potential customers, partners and other stakeholders that we normally would not be able to meet. It has also been great to be part together with all the other companies in this pavilion. They are all in the same journey as we are, so it has been really beneficial for us to be here this week.”  

Søren Mogensen, Owner Searchmaster, Rising Star 2021 |

“We at Seamaster are very happy to be in the Europort exhibition. We had a lot of interest for our innovative search light. We are going to make some contracts for some distributors from countries like Italy and Belgium and Holland. Yesterday we had a direct buyer here, who actually cancelled the order from a shipyard while he was here for a competitive searchlight. So we are very optimistic for the future thanks to attending this Rising Star pavilion.”


    So what are you waiting for? We warmly invite you to join this excellent opportunity to shine and make your mark in the industry. Apply, get ready and be part of the future of maritime innovation!

    Do you want to know more about the Rising Stars Pavilion?

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