Run Forest run! A different kind of networking

BUSINESSrun is now coming to Europort in Rotterdam! Engage in a running experience while you do business networking. You will have the opportunity to connect with fellow professionals before the exhibition start and have the chance to build valuable relationships in the industry. Run, engage, and network!


A runner’s experience in Rotterdam

It’s 7 AM, and the air is fresh, cold with a promise of an exciting day. As I exhale, I take small jumps to ward off the morning chill. Though I’ve set foot in the Netherlands on previous occasions, today is different—it’s not about leisurely sightseeing; it’s about business. The 10K route along the river awaits, and I lace up, not just for the physical effort that the run promises, but for the mental determination I’ll carry into the day’s exhibitions.

Perhaps my fellow professionals are maybe here for the same purpose, or perhaps they are here to contribute to a greater cause. There’s an unspoken camaraderie among us, we exchange nods, acknowledging a shared understanding. The sun rises higher, and for every step we take we leave the city’s skyline behind. Networking has taken new dimensions for me, and this is only a warm-up to the extraordinary day ahead.

The fusion of working out and networking

BUSINESSrun isn’t just a run. Let us explain why. In a world that’s always on the move, it was only natural to combine business and running. It’s not a typical race, but a blend of a run, networking, and business. Imagine jogging alongside fellow professionals, forging connections, all while surrounded by an inspiring and dynamic setting. We’ve said it before, BUSINESSrun isn’t just a run.

Europort BUSINESSrun

Picture this: the majestic SS Rotterdam in the background, surrounded by the iconic cityscape of Rotterdam becomes the perfect stage for Europort’s BUSINESSrun. The city’s energy mirrors the ethos of Europort and BUSINESSrun – dynamic, forward-moving, and ambitious. Before Europort’s participants of embark on navigating the formal pathways of business, they are presented with this unique opportunity to navigate through business in motion.

You might wonder, “What can I expect from the BUSINESSrun?”.  Meet up at 7:00 am for networking and warm-up, where you’ll also receive a specially crafted running shirt made from waste materials, including a MARPRO snood to warm up your necks. The run kicks off at 7:30 am, accommodating all levels of runners. This is not a race against the clock; it’s a journey at your own pace, allowing you to relish the scenery along the 5K or 10K routes. At the finish line, refreshments await, and networking time begins.

Every step counts

What if we also told you that every step you took in Europort’s BUSINESSrun contributed to a greater cause? Here’s where the real magic happens. A remarkable aspect of BUSINESSrun is its commitment to making every participant’s fee count. At just 50 EUR per participant, BUSINESSrun has pledged to donate every single fee to Mercy Ships, a charitable organization dedicated to providing free healthcare using hospital ships to regions where resources are scarce. So, as you lace up your running shoes, know that your steps are making a meaningful impact, so make every step count!

Every step is a statement, and every step is a possibility for a connection. So, whether you’re a seasoned runner or a networking enthusiast, join Europort’s BUSINESSrun. Ready to take the first step? Ready, set, go!

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Article by Narjiss Ghajour, Global Event & Marketing Manager at MARPRO, shared by courtesy of MARPRO-Maritime Professionals

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