Removing the shipowners’ burden

Anglo-Eastern implements MarineRegulations for onboard publications


DanCompliance and Anglo-Eastern are pleased to announce the implementation of MarineRegulations as the standard regulatory publications platform on board all of the global ship manager’s 670 managed vessels.

MarineRegulations brings together more regulatory content than any other platform. Codes, conventions, guidelines, and other content are distributed automatically and always updated, removing the burden and concern from ship owners and managers.

It is no secret that there is an ever-increasing burden of regulatory compliance in the shipping industry. Ensuring all users and vessels have access to the latest editions of all the required publications has become ever more challenging as a result, not least during the Covid pandemic, when deliveries to ships became even more difficult than usual.

Said Capt. Pradeep Chawla, Managing Director of QHSE and Training at Anglo-Eastern: “We have searched the market for the most suitable solution to assist us in our transition to digital publications and decided that MarineRegulations – with its breadth of content, simple user interface, and online and offline access – is the best answer to the many different IT infrastructures, networks and communication plans we encounter across a fleet the size of Anglo-Eastern’s.”

Ronni Palmqvist, Founder and CEO of DanCompliance added: “After a rigorous evaluation procedure, we are delighted to be working with an industry leader such as Anglo-Eastern and it demonstrates that there is no ship owner or manager who cannot benefit from MarineRegulations.

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