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PortXL cooperates in France

PortXL is thrilled to announce its partnership with GTT, the French technology and engineering group specialising in containment systems with cryogenic membranes for transporting and storing liquefied gases. The Rotterdam-based maritime start-up accelerator and GTT believe this collaboration sets the stage for an entrepreneurial journey towards transforming the maritime industry through innovation.


PortXL (est. 2015) has established itself as a maritime industry innovator, who bridges the gap between start-ups and scale-ups and established industry players. This year, eight sustainable maritime start-ups and scale-ups have started their development programme since September, already diving deep into the maritime ecosystem.

With its expertise in liquefied gases containment systems, GTT has been at the forefront of advancements in the global shipping industry. Their commitment to sustainability and safety has earned them a reputation as a trusted partner for leading shipping companies worldwide.

Combining strengths

The strategic partnership between PortXL and GTT combines their respective strengths and resources to scout the right start-ups and scale-ups to implement innovative solutions to support diversification. By having PortXL’s extensive network and GTT’s industry knowledge, the collaboration aims to unlock new opportunities, drive innovation, and shape the sustainable future of maritime operations. PortXL and GTT will collaborate on various initiatives through this partnership, including the start-up acceleration program and industry-wide events.

“We are delighted to add GTT to our partner base. Their advanced technological knowledge and innovative vision create great opportunities for start-ups and scale-ups. Also working together with the other partners in our maritime accelerator will contribute to the development of the whole maritime and port ecosystem as a whole”, says Christel Pullens, Managing Director at PortXL.

“Collaborating with PortXL will give us access to a dynamic ecosystem made up of committed start-ups.”, says Jean-Baptiste Boutillier, Innovation VP at GTT. “We are convinced that the decarbonisation of the maritime industry will undeniably involve technological innovations. This collaboration illustrates our commitment to fostering a spirit of innovation and embracing disruptive ideas, propelling us towards a more sustainable and technologically advanced future for the entire industry.”

The partnership between PortXL and GTT signifies a major milestone in their shared commitment to driving innovation, sustainability, and operational excellence in the maritime industry. Both organizations are ready to make significant achievements in driving climate-positive change across the sector by combining their expertise and resources.

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