Pinpoint Tracking a Rising Star at Europort 2023

Come and discover the latest breakthroughs in the maritime sector at the Europort exhibition taking place in Rotterdam from November 7th to 10th, 2023. Engage in the excitement of the second iteration of the Rising Stars Pavilion, expertly arranged by the MARPRO Group, which will feature 21 pioneering maritime start-ups from around the world. Among the esteemed 2023 Rising Stars selection, we are excited to introduce PinPoint Tracking ApS, a dynamic Danish start-up which brings space tech down to earth. To gain a profound insight into PinPoint Tracking ApS and their innovative methodology, make sure not to overlook this exclusive interview opportunity.


Introducing PinPoint Tracking Aps  

Pinpoint Tracking ApS is bridging the gap between space technology and terrestrial applications, leveraging decades of expertise in constructing, designing, and managing space technology for esteemed organizations like NASA and ESA.

Introducing an industry game-changer, PinPoint Tracking ApS presents the world’s pioneering stand-alone intelligent tracking and IoT solution, employing cutting-edge direct 2-way satellite communication. With Pinpoint Tracking ApS, you are poised to embrace an unprecedented smart device that offers automated sensor alerts, sophisticated tracking capabilities, and on-demand data accessibility from any corner of the globe.

The dedicated team driving PinPoint Tracking ApS’ vision expresses that their motivation lies in recognizing the substantial advantages of grounding space technology and incorporating it into the maritime industry. They note that innovation in this realm is comparatively lagging compared to advancements in the space sector. Their objective is to rectify this imbalance, as they firmly believe that the latest innovations are essential for both Earth and space.

In this interview, we plunge into the innovative solution developed by PinPoint Tracking ApS and investigate the unique value propositions that distinguish them from their rivals. Accompany us on this journey as we unveil the captivating intricacies!

  1. What is the idea behind your start-up?

Pinpoint Tracking ApS is a Danish company whose vision is bringing space tech down to earth, from decades of experience with building, designing and operating space tech for NASA, ESA and many others.

2. Could you describe the core products or services your start-up offers to the maritime industry?

We are offering the world’s first hardware-as-a-service Low-Cost, Independent, Tracking & IoT Devices and services, Powered by Green Energy, AI Monitoring & Sensor Alerts, through Direct 2-Way SatCom!

3. What is your start-up’s mission and vision in the maritime industry?

To be able to automate processes & logistics and to help monitor more assets through independent devices that can be placed on everything, to optimize safety, send sensor alerts and save on costs.

4. How does your start-up create and provide value to your maritime stakeholders?

As our customers will have many independent devices available through our services at a very low cost, they will be able to secure a complementary communication option that are not depending on their current main communication gateway (like VSAT, 4G, 5G, Lora-WAN or others). This means that they are first of all not using up bandwidth on their main communication line, but that they are also able to monitor smaller assets or equipment independently from the ship, like lifeboats, dredges, containers, fishing nets or cages and much more, plus have a secondary channel of communication in case of an emergency if the main communication line is not working or you are too far away from the reach of the main communication line.

5. What specific problem or pain point does your start-up address in the maritime industry?

We provide global coverage at a very affordable price through 2-way direct satellite communication, with our hardware-as-a-service model, which basically means that instead of having a few expensive devices here and there that are relying on an external close-by gateway for communication (like VSAT, 4G, 5G, Lora-WAN or others) our customers can instead have many devices and sensors installed on anything they want to monitor or keep track off and can still get data or alerts from it, even if it leaves the area where that gateway would normally be reaching to.

6. How does your company differentiate itself from competitors in the maritime industry? |

Our small, stand-alone, and low-cost devices are independent units, that can communicate directly through 2-way direct satellite communication and with its built in AI it will automatically know when it needs to send data to the customers. So instead of flooding the customers servers with un-necessary data the intelligent devices can send alerts or validate arrivals independently from anywhere on the planet, without relying on other close-by communication gateways.

7. How can your start-up contribute to a smarter maritime future?

By implementing automation, communication, monitoring and sensor alerts via AI (Artificial intelligence) devices that are so low-cost that they can be installed on anything and still work independently by its own direct 2-way satellite communications.

8. How can your start-up contribute to a cleaner and/ or safer maritime future?

As our devices are independent units that can communicate worldwide on its own, it can be placed on anything, anywhere and be used for emergency purposes to keep people or equipment safe, even when out of reach from traditional communication options.

9. What is your start-up’s approach to sustainability and environmental responsibility in the maritime industry?

Not only can our devices help to optimize logistics and monitoring for the maritime industry, but the devices themselves are purely running on solar energy themselves and will save a lot of money on data storage and expensive forms of communications, as they are optimized via AI to only send the data that is necessary. Also, as the devices can detect and monitor CO2 exhaust independently it can easily help to monitor and calculate our customers carbon footprint on the environment.

10. How do you anticipate the growth and potential of your start-up in the maritime industry in the coming years?

We anticipate that the growth and potential is huge and will grow exponentially as the maritime industry starts to notice all the benefits from implementing our devices and services. This will become obvious to the industry as soon as we start showcasing the new opportunities and efficiency we can provide at an extremely low cost, compared to current solutions on the market.

11. Can you share any success stories or notable achievements your start-up has had so far in the maritime industry?

We are currently shortlisted as 1 of the 5 nominated companies for the SMART4SEA Europort 2023 Technology Award. See more.

12. Why did you apply to be a Rising Stars and what do you expect of the Rising Stars Pavilion and Europort?

As our product and services are so new and different from what is already on the market, we believe that it is important to make the maritime industry aware of this new breakthrough innovation and we believe that Rising Stars and Europort will help us spread the word and reach many potential customers and help to share our vision and how we are able to help the industry take the next step into an automated future via the benefits of using AI and satellite communication at a low cost.


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