Optimizing the workflow for chartering managers

The German company Herberg Systems, known from software applications like Fleettracker fleet management and ChartDesk is introducing a new software application which according to the company will optimize efficiency in the operative business for Chartering Managers.


The shipping industry is in an age of fast change and progression, and there is a need to reduce complexity with prominent modern technology. Herberg Systems, a company with a passion for maritime software has a wish for making operative processes less complicative. As the people behind the company likes to remark, “Life is too beautiful to waste it with unnecessary work”.

What the different Herberg System solutions have in common, is how they connect companies worldwide with cloud, software, and integration solution, resulting in easier, faster, and more effective logistic processes. Their latest product, Charter.Works, offers an upgrade for  charterers in form of a software that makes daily team collaboration more efficient and keeps track of income and losses in realtime.

The Charter.Works service offers a web-based and mobile-friendly chartering software which Herberg Systems developed for chartering managers and their daily work routine.  The voyage management system covers the entire operational process from chartering and operations to invoicing and collection.

Through the online access and storage of the data in the cloud-based Charter.Works information is available anywhere and at any time. Charter.Works is a web-based tool – there is no installation time. A clear and easy-to-understand view allows chartering managers to quickly integrate the functionalities into their daily work routine. For maximum data protection Charter.Works is hosted on servers in Germany.

Managing Director of Herberg Systems states: „I think that there are at least two key points for success in these digital days: One is a great, dedicated team. The other is the ability to make the right strategic decisions. For both, you need the right tools. Charter.Works has been developed for exactly this purpose: Making your team collaborate smarter and helping your company to reach and control your strategic goals.“

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This article is shared by courtesy of Herberg Systems. Learn more about Charter.Works and Herberg Systems’ other solutions.

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