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New personality joins Green Swan Partners

Today, Green Swan Partners LLC (GSP), a Pittsburgh, PA-based venture builder announced Jamey Noland as Partner and Chief Financial Officer (CFO).


Jamey Noland is a financial executive with experience in a broad range of financial and operational responsibilities including investment management, structured finance, and corporate development. Jamey began his career working with Vail Resorts to evaluate and implement expansion opportunities. Jamey has consulted with companies in the energy industry on raising capital, debt and equity placement, and corporate development, and has served as Chief Investment Officer of an institutional real estate investment fund.

“Green Swan Partners’ are now entering the phase where we will be raising and deploying significant capital within our portfolio companies.” said Chetan Chothani, CEO of Green Swan Partners. “The addition of Jamey Noland as our CFO will allow us to professionally raise, deploy and manage our capital needs as well as implement proper financial controls and processes setting us up for long-term success.”

“The future of good corporate citizenship starts with ESG, so I have always been very interested in technologies and companies that can enable and drive value in this field.” said Jamey Noland. “The mission and vision of Green Swan Partners’ is compelling and their Venture Studio 2.0 model is unique in its simplicity, complex in its execution and exemplary in its potential. I am truly excited and honored to be a part of this team as we limit environmental impact on the planet while creating stakeholder value.”

Green Swan Partners has created three sustainable ventures focused on clean energy and clean water in the past year. These are: Bawat Technology Services, a Danish joint venture, that deploys Bawat’s patented ballast water treatment technology in a port and ship-side Treatment-As-A-Service (TaaS) business; Aquatherm Technologies, a water and energy recovery technology for hot, humid, process gas streams; and Safe-Li, a unique inorganic membrane technology that makes lithium based batteries fire safe.

This article is shared by courtesy of Green Swan Partners – established in 2020, is a venture builder focused on generating wealth and planetary health. GSP invests its time, talent, and capital in ventures that meet a critical industry need while making a positive impact on the environment. GSP takes equity positions in these ventures and builds long-term shareholder value.

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