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Lasse Dres has joined the MARPRO family in the role of Recruitment Consultant, reporting directly to Managing Director Jakob le Fevre.


MARPRO customers and candidates have already noticed a new face. Lasse Dres has joined the MARPRO family in the role of Recruitment Consultant, reporting directly to Managing Director Jakob le Fevre.

Lasse brings nearly 5 and half years of maritime experience in a variety of positions in Fanø Færgen, Sundbusserne and A.P. Moller Maersk. He comes from a family of seafarers and fishermen and his youth is filled with memories of sailing with his family on an old wooden ship. Entering professionally in the maritime world, was therefore a natural step that made absolute sense to him.

This was not always the case, as in the beginning of his 20s he had a detour where he was working in TDC and YouSee, acting as sales trainer and training manager. It has given him a deep insight into customer relationships and customer acquisition.

Lasse is educated as a Master Mariner at SIMAC and holds a Bachelor in Maritime Transport and Nautical Science, through which he achieved maritime insight into the ship’s technique, navigation, safety at sea, management, economics, and communication. During his studies, he got plenty of sea time to put these theoretical skills into practice.

Once he finished his education, he began his sailing career at A.P.Møller Maersk sailing on international waters.

After his time sailing, he decided to go ashore, and given his his maritime insight, it felt as a natural step to jump into the MARPRO family. Lasse explains his motivations to join MARPRO: “It’s not necessarily easy to go ashore as a seafarer. But I was fortunate enough to meet Jakob during a job interview for a shore-based job position, I had my doubts if it was too soon to go ashore, is the timing right etc. Jakob as an ex-seafarer, understood all this from his own experience, but also in his job as a maritime recruitment specialist. Immediately I could see the core values of MARPRO, without anyone having to tell me, which core values the company has. It’s about matching the right candidates with the right job.”

When asked whether he is confident about his role at MARPRO, he elaborates: “I’m confident my experience as an educated master mariner, my sailing experience as an ordinary seaman, mate, chief officer and my previous shore-based sales/costumer relationship experience, will be a great asset, both for myself as well as MARPRO.”

It is no secret that MARPRO sees a big potential in Lasse joining the MARPRO team, as he possesses a deep perception in the maritime industry which only can be learned onboard. This, his sales experience, and Lasse’s motivation has made it possible for him to already take up complex assignments.

Jakob le Fevre, Managing Director, and owner of MARPRO elaborates: “I am excited to welcome Lasse to the MARPRO family. As the first 100% maritime & shipping recruitment company in Denmark, it is naturally hard to find local candidates that both have the educational background to fully understand the maritime industry and the commercial skills required to work with recruitment. Lasse ticks all the boxes – and on top of that, he is a true maritime professional, with salt water in his blood. I am sure that our clients will be very happy with the quality of the work he will deliver”.

MARPRO is excited to see Lasse apply his experience and education to help grow the MARPRO business and reach our goals for 2022. His key responsibilities will be working on the recruiting of relevant candidates for our customers, establishing new contacts and maintaining customer relationship.

When he is not working, Lasse likes to experiment with his cooking skills, but he also enjoys culinary experiences in Copenhagen or whenever he is traveling. Please take time to give a warm welcome to Lasse. To get in touch and connect with Lasse, click here.

MARPRO was launched in June 2017 and have since become the preferred recruitment partner for maritime companies, both Danish and international companies.

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