New experts’ gathering in Rotterdam

Event: 2nd Envirotech for Shipping Forum will take place in two weeks


This October, Rotterdam will be the place where the maritime experts from around the world will join one of the most awaited events of the year – The 2nd Envirotech for Shipping Forum.

Among hundreds of participants there will be representatives from European Commission, DFDS, Maersk, Stolt Tankers, Chevron, Eurobulk, OSM Maritime Group, Damen Shipyards Group, Fincantieri and many others.

The two day event will cover a wide range of topics. Starting with discussions about the latest regulations and how to comply with them. Looking at the current regulatory situation and to the future perspective. The shipowners will share their good practices and the effective ways of how they managed to overcome the problems associated with it. The event will focus heavily on decarbonisation and the path to zero emissions. Discussions will touch different approaches and strategies to reach this goal. In between the heated discussions there will be presentations about the latest technologies that can effectively solve a lot of challenges that the industry is facing today. Event’s programme is also heavily influence by digitalisation. Quite a lot of presentations and talks will be done in regards to AI, Cyber Security, Block Chain technology in maritime.

After the first day a cocktail party will be held that will provide the delegates a chance for a less formal networking. The organizer – IGGS Group – promises a very special entertainer for the cocktail party.

The event will take place in Postillion Hotel & Convention Centre WTC Rotterdam on October 5th and 6th.

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This article is shared by courtesy of IGGS Group – – IGGS Group organizes exclusive closed door gatherings for maritime industry. With long term background in maritime industry our highly experienced team works closely with shipowners, shipbuilders, ports, government officials, technology companies in order to provide necessary networking and information exchange opportunities.

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