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New EU taxonomy


Together with a group of European shipowners´ associations, Danish Shipping has developed a new template to help shipowners start off on the right foot with the taxonomy reporting that will soon be mandatory.

When competing for future investments, a transparent, sustainable business profile is key – also for shipping companies.

From 2023/2024 onwards, companies that fall within scope of the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) need to report their share of revenue, OPEX and CAPAX that is eligible and aligned to the EU taxonomy.

Therefore, the Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Belgian, Dutch, and Danish Shipowners´ Associations have developed a template to help facilitate the required reporting for their members.

“Danish shipping companies have already increased their CO2 efficiency substantially and many of them have set their course towards climate-neutral shipping. However, it can be complicated to clarify and verify what is “green“ and what is not. Therefore, we are happy to present this new template to help our members,” said Jacob K. Clasen, Deputy CEO in Danish Shipping.

Understanding how business activities contribute to decarbonization is essential to becoming a sustainable shipping sector, according to Danish Shipping.

“We have an increased focus on sustainability-linked reporting in Danish Shipping and are starting a new ad hoc group among our members. In this group, interpretations and understanding of new green reporting requirements will be discussed to find best practices,” said Jacob K. Clasen.

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